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  • letter, non permission data!

    OMG, I have just opened a letter dated October 2007, as it went to the wrong address (to the next street) it had taken all this time for me to receive this, they have been decluttering and passing by popped some mail through, majority of it as you can see years old.

    I cannot blame them as such though, they are elderly couple, but certainly blame The Royal Mail for not paying any attention when posting. Our first part of the address is similar and the same door number, which have been reported to the Royal Mail on many occasions.

    Anyhow, on the next post I am going to attach a letter which I will scan up to the computer shortly on information relating to me have been among data sold to third party companies without my permission, which includes all my details, date of birth, mortgage details and so on!!!

    I was also offered a free 12 month membership that I missed out on with Experian, letter headed by!
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    Re: letter, non permission data!

    Letter -
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      Re: letter, non permission data!

      The last loan was taken out in 2005! And cannot recall on ever speaking to for a loan.

      Not had any since then.


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        Re: letter, non permission data!

        I've been registered with TPS for some years now as well and on a yearly basis check by clicking my tel number in on the TPS website, which confirms already registered, and have been so since early 2000's.
        Still get marketing calls!!!


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          Re: letter, non permission data!

          With that of the above, I just done some researching online and it appears to have been in the media as well.

          Data theft from

          8:30am Saturday 8th September 2007. (Note my letter is dated October 2007).

          Police have confirmed Watford firm have contacted them regarding the possible theft of thousands of customers' personal details.
          It is understood Herts police have investigated the theft of data from the credit broker, based in Croxley Business Park.
          Customers with have already been informed about the theft and potential risk it puts them in.
          Other customers have reported receiving hundreds of unwanted calls from credit card firms. It is understood they too have been contacted by and told their personal information was stolen and sold on.
 have offered customers 12 months free access to credit expert advice.
          The Information Commissioners Office will now investigate the data breach.
          Customers concerned about their personal details have been told to contact and not the police.
          Have you been effected by the theft or contacted by
          If you have, please share your experience by filling out the form below.


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            Re: letter, non permission data!

            Searching around here and there, it appears that many hundreds and more received the same letters, not that I can do anything about this now, but just thinking of all the calls I received and still receive, and I always let TPSonline know each time!

            One email I received some time ago, from TPS said that I may be receiving marketing calls, because I must have given permission at some point over the years, but I clearly recall on application forms that I would tick NO for my details to be passed on to third parties.

            Obviously the reason why I been having calls and STILL having calls is probably due to the leaked data!


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              Re: letter, non permission data!

              Been trying to find details about this on the ICO website, maybe with it being some years ago, they will no longer have them.

              I understand that people fought for compensation, but for this to apply you would have to show proof that any money losses through this as such.


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                Re: letter, non permission data!

                I was concerned about the above, and because I did not get the letter until years later (it was at the wrong address all this time)!!

                Experian have today wrote back and also sent me a prepaid form to complete.

                Email received here........

                Our Ref: E

                Dear Mrs

                Thank you for your email, which we received on 07 March 2012.

                I understand that you may have been a victim of identity fraud and have received a letter from for a loan you did not apply for. This query has been passed to the Victims of Fraud team so we can assist you. Our website contains extra information about identity fraud that you may find helpful. You can find this by visiting Identity Fraud - ID Fraud Protection - Experian UK

                Here at Experian the Victims of Fraud team handles more than 10,000 cases each year. We work closely with both companies and fraud prevention agencies to resolve cases of identity theft to help ensure that the impact upon your credit history is as small as possible, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

                - I recommend you get a copy of your credit report, as this will show if there have been any fraudulent credit applications in your name. You can get a free report if you use the attached form. Please make sure you include your full name, date of birth, current address and any other addresses you have lived at in the last six years on your application.

                Please return your completed form with the following supporting documents:

                Two original documents dated within the last three months, showing your current address. We accept documents such as bank statements, utility bills, mortgage statements, council tax bills, credit card statements, mobile phone bills. We cannot accept photocopies and faxes.


                A photocopy of your passport, birth certificate or driving licence (we cannot accept provisional licences). You do not need to send the original.

                - We will return your original documents to you once the report is processed. As you may have been a victim of fraud, we need to take steps to protect your identity and these security measures are in place to protect your identity.

                - Once you have seen your Experian report, please let me know if any fraudulent information appears in your name so I can help you. Please quote your unique report reference number when you contact us and specify the entry or entries that you believe are fraudulent.


                As it appears somebody has obtained your personal details and has used these fraudulently it is important that you take further steps to ensure that your details are protected from further misuse.

                - You can apply for CIFAS Protective Registration, this will help to protect your identity through all three credit reference agencies. For a small fee, CIFAS can add a warning flag to your details to let lenders know that somebody has used your identity fraudulently. You can register online at CIFAS - Welcome to CIFAS or by calling 0330 100 0180 (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, 10am-1pm Sat).

                - We offer a service where you can add a password to your credit report as an added security measure. I have attached a form for you to complete and return to me should you wish to do so. I am unable to take a password over the telephone but am happy to do so by e-mail as you may find this quicker.

                - If you are concerned about identity fraud, why not take a look at our ProtectMyID service?

                With ProtectMyID, you will get peace of mind protection against Identity fraud. We will monitor your financial records and let you know whenever someone applies for a credit card, loan, contract phone or any other form of credit in your name ? and if it?s a fraudulent application, a dedicated team will help you sort everything out.

                You will also get:

                - Extra peace of mind with optional free fraud insurance provided by ARC, underwritten by AXA
                - Free risk assessment quiz to see how at risk you are from identity fraud
                - An Experian credit report to see your financial status
                - Online help and advice on identity protection

                Visit Identity Fraud - ID Theft - Experian Protect My ID
                to learn more.

                Kind regards

                Fraud Resolution Specialist

                Customer Support Centre


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                  Re: letter, non permission data!


                  i know that your post is 2012 - but came across this from the FCA: (clone firm)!? - Our AAD Blog page HERE
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                    Re: letter, non permission data!

          , had many thousands of peoples personal data stolen some years ago. I am not surprised there are scams off the back of this companies data. A lot of data was sold on the black market and some of my data came up on CMC companies. My advice is for everyone to be very vigilent if you receive anything purporting to be from
                    My site name is after General Tutts who won a famous battle at Newbury many moons ago 1643 - I hope to win all my battles and will fight to the bitter end.