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  • BT hikes the cost of holding on to their email address to £7.50 A MONTH for former customers

    Former BT customers who wish to hold on to their BT email address will have to start paying £7.50 a month, the telecoms giant has confirmed. BT will hike the current £5 a month charge by 50 per cent from August 22nd. Existing customers who use a BT email address will not have to pay the fee, and former...
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  • Dharmadad
    started a topic Joint Owned. Mortgage in both names.

    Joint Owned. Mortgage in both names.


    I (nor anyone else for that matter) has seen of heard from my ex partner (not married) for nearly 8 years.

    I have since re-married and have a child with my wife - we've been married for 6 years.

    I understand from Landmark that I can do nothing without my...
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  • wilfred
    started a topic National Hunter and Cfas issue

    National Hunter and Cfas issue

    Before i get into the full story can anybody clear up three points for me please? I have read some conflicting information about how long an NH marker stays active. I thought it was six years but Im sure I read somewhere on here that it was rolling 13 months assuming no other issues were flagged to...
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  • Start of my unenforceabilty journey

    So, in February I sent out CCA requests to all of our creditors. So far two have responded with copy agreements: Both are...

    Credit cards
    One commenced in 1994 and one in 2006 (my husbands)
    Mine has about £1700 (the 1994 one), husbands has about £7200
    Last full payments...
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  • Capital One Credit Agreement

    Good Morning,

    I currently have a debt of £13.6k with Capital One and currently in the process of negotiating an F&F payment.

    Following advice, I requested a copy of my original contract signed with Capital One back in 2005 but now need this reviewing to see if it is...
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  • Billy12345
    started a topic Ratesetter loan agreement

    Ratesetter loan agreement

    Hi all

    I am currently in a DMP with stepchange and one of the members of MSE forum advised me to join this forum to check whether my agreements were enforceable. I believe my credit card will be however I am unsure about my agreement with ratesetter.

    Is there anyone who could...
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  • Glenzo
    started a topic SCS - carpet issues

    SCS - carpet issues


    I wondered if anyone can offer some advice?

    I a moving to a newly built house- due to get keys /complete on April 28th. I ordered (and paid for in full) a new carpet back in the January sales but have now got an issue that the house (which i have...
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  • alianza
    started a topic CCA response

    CCA response

    Hi , new here , someone recommended this site.

    I got into debt after a divorce and was in a DMP. I stopped paying the DMP in October as the company was no longer able to operate so have decided to sort stuff out myself. I sent off some CCA requests to three debts and have had back a couple...
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    I am due in court next month. I am being chased for close to £11k for a pre-2007 credit card account. After 3 years and the three letters and estoppel, the debt collectors refused to give me any documentation, even after they brought a case against me in the County Court. I defended, and the case was...
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Reconstituted Agreements

    Reconstituted Agreements

    I've been reading the excellent AAD guide to UE as a result of which I think I've got a better understanding of most aspects of UE, or so I thought at first! I'm sure I read somewhere that for Pre-April 2007 credit card accounts reconstituted agreements are NOT "valid,true copies and unacceptable"....
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic Price of stamps to rise next month

    Price of stamps to rise next month

    Price of stamps to rise next month

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 25th February 2017 08:10
    The prices of first and second class stamps are to rise by 1p from 27 March, Royal Mail has announced.

    It will take the price of a first class stamp to 65p, and
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  • debtnewbie
    started a topic Debt Advice Please

    Debt Advice Please

    Hello Everyone!

    I have two CCJs on file - one being paid off (slowly) and the other default in judgment but rarely hear anything from them.

    I also have a multiple defaults from 4 year old accounts.

    All the creditors have written off the debts except for Lowell...
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  • Susiebling365
    started a topic UE Diary of Susieblings Daughter

    UE Diary of Susieblings Daughter

    I think this diary method keeps everything neat and tidy, so I m doing it, Sorry for the posting elsewhere but took a while to decide course of action .

    Co operative Bank

    Type : Credit Card
    Date Started : 4th September 1997
    Approx Balance :£4564.07 as at Dec 2016
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    Last edited by Susiebling365; 18 January 2020, 18:46. Reason: updating diary

  • xcharlx
    started a topic CCJ from orange

    CCJ from orange

    I had a contract with orange which I gave them the 30 days notice for and left. This was nearly three years ago I have now just received a ccj for £152.60 with a total amount of £236.97.Not sure where I stand with them
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  • snowy
    started a topic Wageday Advance email contact details

    Wageday Advance email contact details


    Strange question this but does anyone have any emails you have kept from Wageday Advance from circa 2011 to 2013 at all?

    I just need the header details from the bottom of the emails for a Payday Loan complaint I have with them.
    Im aware they have changed offices in...
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