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  • Drydensfairfax Solicitors Default

    I have an unsecured credit card debt which was purchased by Max Recovery Limited in late 2012.

    The original creditor was mbna.

    The debt has never been on my credit file.

    Last year, I started receiving correspondence from Drydensfairfax Solicitors, who were acting...
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  • O2 Default - Didn't know I had

    Hi there,

    I reviewed my credit file today and saw that I have a default recorded by O2, which was under my closed accounts, for £20. Of which I paid anyway. Bizarre.

    Apparently the account defaulted in July 2012 and I had no idea this happened. And especially for £20!!
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  • Arrow Global Limited ( Restons Solicitors Limited ) v buffy300577 - Issued 2 May 2017

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    Arrow Global Limited

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Restons Solicitors Limited

    Claim Issue Date

    2 May 2017

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e.
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  • cymruambyth
    started a topic Annual Statements

    Annual Statements

    Can someone please clarify the situation regarding annual statements?

    What are supposed to receive them for?
    If you dont receive them does this make a debt UE?
    Can this be rectified?

    Thank you
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  • Jacspacs
    started a topic Failed IVA

    Failed IVA

    Hi my Iva failed in 2012 and is still showing on my credit reference file - can anyone advise when this will drop off my file as it is showing as 110 months old?
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  • andi2003uk
    started a topic Lending Stream / PRA Group

    Lending Stream / PRA Group

    Hi all, I'm on a quest to clean up my Experian report and have two entries for the same debt which I need some advice with.
    They are Lending Stream & PRA Group.

    The entries read as follows:

    Lending Stream:
    Account Started: 28/01/2011; Default Balance: £788;...
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  • credit file and UE debts question please

    It's about nine years since we had problems paying our debts - first we had a dmp and paid through them and then in 2012 July we joined here and doing the UE route .

    My question is this and i think i asked it before but not the same way lo.
    If our debts are now UE but not yet SB do...
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  • so_so


    Dear all, I am new to this group and I would really like some advice as to what to do next, I'll try to make this as concise as I can.
    Sometime in November 2016 I applied for a Lloyd bank credit product and was declined, this wasn't the first time I've been declined a credit facility or a mobile...
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  • jet set willy
    started a topic Claim Form recieved

    Claim Form recieved

    Evening everyone,

    Now its been a while since i posted on here due to the fact i have been happily keeping people at bay for a few years and took some advice from a friend to think about this stuff only when i had to for the benfit of my health.
    But, as always something pops up for...
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  • Can category 6/first party fraud marker be removed


    This will probably be a long post as I want to be as informative as possible.

    If anyone could help that would be great.

    My first ever bank account was with Halifax which my mum set up for me however in December 2011 I switched my account to Lloyds TSB because...
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  • sebaab
    started a topic Parking Eye Parking Charge Notice

    Parking Eye Parking Charge Notice

    Just received a "Parking Charge Notice" from Parking Eye. My wife waited in a car park sitting in the car waiting for someone for 1 hour. Unfortunately she was caught by CCTV entering and leaving the car park so Parking Eye think she was parked for that length of time. The full details are...
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  • JLC
    started a topic Card protection payment reclaming

    Card protection payment reclaming


    I've just received my SAR for my barclaycard and there is no PPI, but there is card protection insurance. The statements only start from 2009 (although the card application started in 2006) and up until 2012 (1 year after I defaulted), they were still taking the payment. When each...
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  • Robinson Way / HPH2 LTD - Howard Cohen & Co

    Can anyone give advice on the following letter from Robinson Way;

    "We have received notifiaction from the Court that the Attachment of Earnings application isued against you has been dismissed. Please be advised that as your account is still subject to a County Court Judgement, you...
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  • Letter from Capquest re: old Capital One debt

    Hello all,

    Newbie here

    After having had no contact with Capquest for a few years, I have received a letter from them regarding an outstanding Capital One credit card debt. Although I am aware of the debt (it is a defaulted account from 2008) the letter read almost like...
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  • sebaab
    started a topic sebaab's diary

    sebaab's diary

    Short history. Mid 2005 to 2008 overspent on credit cards trying to support family on lowish wages. Wife not working due to disabled son. 2008 wife suffers sudden illness so I have to take 10 months off work on half pay to look after 3 kids. Can't afford credit card repayments so slip into overdraft...
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