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  • Last stage of Parkinson's and dementia (my dad)

    We've been told my dad is in the last stage of his illness. He's bedridden now and has lost the ability to swallow most of the time , he isn't eating and barley drinks.

    He's in a care home and our doctor spoke to my mum about what care she would like him to receive. She decided to keep...
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  • cymruambyth
    started a topic Annual Statements

    Annual Statements

    Can someone please clarify the situation regarding annual statements?

    What are supposed to receive them for?
    If you dont receive them does this make a debt UE?
    Can this be rectified?

    Thank you
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  • Susie
    started a topic Curiosity re DCA liquidation

    Curiosity re DCA liquidation

    I saw a comment on a thread (forgot which one), saying that Experto had gone into liquidation. I have looked at their website and the liqiodators statement of what to do if they were handling repayments etc, and one of the things on there was basically not to SAR Experto as the liquidators will not...
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  • Pensioners sold wrong annuities to get thousands in redress

    Pensioners sold wrong annuities to get thousands in redress

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 25th February 2017 08:09
    Tens of thousands of pensioners who were sold the wrong type of annuity with two of the UK's biggest insurance companies are to receive compensation.
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Linking Threads

    Linking Threads


    Could anyone tell me how to link threads please? This in the context of my UE Diary so as all the different parts of the diary appear one after the other.

    Thanks. Zeppelin.
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  • marypoppins
    started a topic Kitchen sink problem

    Kitchen sink problem


    Do any members know of any experienced kitchen installers on the forum please?

    I just need someone to take a look at a photo of the installation of a ceramic undermount sink prior to a quartz worktop going on top of it.

    I know that there is a minimum gap required...
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  • mikethebike42
    started a topic fidèlité card!

    fidèlité card!

    Well I came home today and my sister said a man left you this envelope was trying to demand your mobile number! .

    In the envelope was a card from fidèlitè credit management saying I have to call to discuss my account.I have no idea who these people are!.

    I did have a...
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  • greymatter
    started a topic About SB

    About SB

    Could you clarify when the SB time run from. Is it from the DN date or from when you stop all payments.
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  • rickybalboa
    started a topic Vanquis Default

    Vanquis Default


    I have been in financial difficulty and would be grateful for any advice received.
    I missed at least 3 payment on a vanquis credit card account and received the attached default notice.
    The default notice letter was dated 19/4/16 and they asked me to pay by 8/5/16....
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  • Roadster
    started a topic PPI Reclaim after statute barred

    PPI Reclaim after statute barred

    Hi all
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have been down the unenforceable route on several of my credit cards. The usual happend. Default, hassled by countless DCAs. None of which provided a true CCA. Now that 6 years have passed. And they are all statute barred. If I was to make a ppi claim...
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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Long time since I've visited the site, in a bit of a dilemma so any advice greatly appreciated. Basically I'm into year 5 of my UE journey and everything is currently quietly ticking over, trouble is I moved and my 2 years of mail redirection is now coming to an end. Been told by royal mail that 2 years...
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  • qwerty123
    started a topic Letter from DWP

    Letter from DWP

    Hi Everyone sorry if i go on bit but I'm feeling sick and low ...

    My wife gets Contribution ESA in support group, Going back a bit she was getting income related ESA as we had a split where i moved out for three years, we sorted and i moved back and pledged to help by getting a job etc,...
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic Faulty DFS Sofa - Consumer Rights

    Faulty DFS Sofa - Consumer Rights

    So we bought a sofa from DFS in July 2014. It cost around £3k but they didn't have any in stock, had a display model which they said we could have for £1100 and could get it in a matter of days as opposed to months (usual waiting time).

    We looked at the display model and it was fine....
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  • SXGuy
    started a topic DWP claiming over payment of late nans pension

    DWP claiming over payment of late nans pension

    Basically when my nan died last year the dwp wrote to my mum and said they had been paying the wrong amount to my nan all these years and sent the amount underpaid to her. 800 quid. We got a letter last week again from dwp now saying she was overpaid. Another letter will be coming soon breaking down...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic FCA Launched New Website

    FCA Launched New Website

    FCA Launched New Website

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 20th June 2016 18:51
    have launched the first phase of our new website, after a year of planning and research with our many audiences. The site is complete except for the News and Publications sections, which
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