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  • alfie
    started a topic Remortgage Equity Release

    Remortgage Equity Release

    Good evening.
    My query is if anyone knows off hand about remortgaging an existing equity release which provided an initial lump sum then a monthly payment. The sticking point is that it appears that the monthly payment cannot be stopped unless the whole existing amount is redeemed. The wish...
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  • julian
    started a topic Remortgaging possibilities

    Remortgaging possibilities

    Approaching 70 there is a need to re-mortgage as the term ends next year. 2 defaulted accts (£12k) SB next year. 60% equity and need 7x income. What is best route?

    Broker may refuse on defaults, and banks may keep long records of SB accounts. On calculations, the inclusion of £12K...
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  • West Bromwich to refund £27.5m to overcharged landlords

    West Bromwich to refund £27.5m to overcharged landlords

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 8th June 2016 17:12
    The West Bromwich Mortgage Company is to refund £27.5m to thousands of landlords who were overcharged.
    The Appeal Court has ruled that the lender, which
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  • A broker who can help with a CIFAS marker - mortgage required


    I'm new to forums but was looking for some help and advice.

    I applied for a mortgage about 12 months ago, as part of the application I falsified my documents to inflate my income. To cut a long story short I now have a CIFAS marker against my name for application fraud...
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  • mas66
    started a topic Bad Broker Advice

    Bad Broker Advice

    I took out a secured loan of £23500 on a variable rate via a broker in December 2006.After a few years of the interest rates rising subsequently so did my payments, which is understandable. However after numerous interest rate reductions my payments have never been reduced by as little as 1p.
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  • MBNA Default still showing despite partial payment to DCA. Hillesden

    Hello I hope someone can help please.

    i am trying to help a friend of the family who is not well.

    basically he has applied for. Remortgage but turned down, on both Experian & Equifax credit files is an entry from Hillesden Securities

    default date 30/09/2011...
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    Last edited by brando69; 14th August 2015, 15:13.

  • Seamus
    started a topic Raising credit card limit

    Raising credit card limit

    I have only one credit card with a limit of £500 and no hope of getting another one (don't want one anyway!) or raising my limit on this one due to a bad credit history.
    This is usually not a problem because since defaulting on other cards I have learned to live without credit for nearly 6 years...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic best mortgage provider?

    best mortgage provider?

    Hi , a very close family member was in difficulty 9 yrs ago ,took financial advise d because of the situation at the time was advised to remortgage with Engage Ltd at interest only. They have no defaults now but do have a couple of cards live and no probs.They now would like a repayment but do not know...
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  • IF
    started a topic Welcome to pawnbrokers

    Welcome to pawnbrokers

    Hi pawnbrokers and welcome
    I am sure you will find the help you need, if we can kindly ask you to check through the following links to get used to the surroundings first:-

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  • National Hunter (& CIFAS) - how will my SAR's be recorded and/or notified to their members

    Hi- am hoping I can get some direction to help me make a decision as to whether to apply to get my file from N Hunter and/or CIFAS. I have been looking through other threads here and think the help and direction given to people has been nothing short of marvellous (I refer to Never-In-Doubt's assistance...
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  • Cant get public liability with my credit record

    My credit rating is pretty well shot at ( no its worse than that its dead!!)

    Ive got one outstanding ccj and lots of defaulted agreements many of which are becoming statute barred over the next few months.

    I have a very good reputation as a builder on the my builder website...
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  • oscar
    started a topic Welcome Finance

    Welcome Finance

    Family member had a loan with Welcome Finance, which was cleared 9 years ago.

    They have the date this payment was made, but no details of the actual loan itself.

    They know they had PPI on the account, but who would they claim to with Welcome being defunct and would they likely...
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  • FCA price cap on payday lenders to 'put an end to spiralling debt'

    FCA price cap on payday lenders to 'put an end to spiralling debt'

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 11th November 2014 09:45.

    *City regulator confirms proposals to cap interest and fees on payday loans in an unprecedented crackdown on the industry* Borrowers...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic 'Rip-off' payday loan broker warning

    'Rip-off' payday loan broker warning

    'Rip-off' payday loan broker warning

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 30th October 2014 10:30.

    *Consumers are being warned to be wary of "rip-off" payday middlemen, after the NatWest bank reported that it is receiving hundreds of new complaints......
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  • PriorityOne
    started a topic Car Insurance Rip-Off Renewal Price.....

    Car Insurance Rip-Off Renewal Price.....

    Just had my daughter's renewal quote come in at £1,258 Up somewhat from the £579 she paid last year, even though no claims were made, etc.

    Needless to say, she's not accepting that! Went online yesterday and got a new quote somewhere else for £330!

    That's nearly...
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