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Getting Accounts moved to a DCA (HFC & HSBC)

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  • Getting Accounts moved to a DCA (HFC & HSBC)


    Someone very knowledgeable about the CCA generally and UN in particular I was talking to recently mentioned that ..... "I could do with getting that one (an HSBC account) moved on to a DCA". (Hope I'm not misquoting her!). Since I'd always though it's an OC's decision to move an account to a DCA is there any way I could influence things so that the account is in fact moved to a DCA?

    The particular account I have in mind was originally an HFC credit card under the name "Beneficial" which I think was an insurance company I had car insurance with at the time. I noticed recently that I hadn't received anything from HFC since 2013 and after looking at the HFC website it seems they sold some debts to HSBC a while back, though not credit card debts. I missed sending the usual monthly payment just to see who would get in touch and HSBC did indeed get in touch (quickly) saying I'd not managed the repayment properly and the full amount was now due. I ignored that of course but sent a payment to keep them quiet for the time being.So perhaps this particular debt is now with another company other than the OC though not a DCA.

    The only other debt still with the OC is M&S, one of which was a "Personal Reserve" and I'm seen a thread on UN of Personal Reserve accounts as M&S didn't have a banking licence,.


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    Re: Getting Accounts moved to a DCA (HFC & HSBC)

    The way to get accounts moved to a DCA is to miss payments (and not pay them later!)
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      Re: Getting Accounts moved to a DCA (HFC & HSBC)

      You also need to distinguish between DCA and debt purchaser.

      A DCA is a Debt Collect Agency (obviously) which acts as the agent for the creditor.

      A debt purchaser has bought the debt from the original creditor for a fraction of actual balance outstanding. While that may make them more amenable to any F & F settle offers, it also can mean they are more aggressive than the OC when it comes to chasing you for money through legal proceedings because they've got less to lose and profit to be made (if you follow me).

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        Re: Getting Accounts moved to a DCA (HFC & HSBC)

        Thanks Plan B and Pixie. I think this case may be more a debt purchaser though I'm not entirely sure to be honest. As above I hadn't heard from HFC for ages and on checking their website HSBC seems to have an interest or share in their portfolio; it was HSBC who contacted me in any event. I suppose then Pixie's suggestion of missing payments might be the most relevant in the hope HSBC get fed-up and sell the debt on to a DCA.
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