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  • InvisibleMan
    started a topic hello!


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I joined the forum last June, but the illness and then bereavement of a very close family member took me offline for some time. I've been dipping in and out of the site more recently and have to say I find the approach and advice bang on the money, this is the site I...
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  • Can creditors force a house sale to claim back their money

    Hi all, thanks for all the help you give.

    I have been on a DMP for 5 to 6 years now and want to go self managed and put my creditors on token payments until I have CCA's back (or not as the case may be). My only concern is that the creditors might choose to force me into selling my house...
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic Personal Tax - Ltd Company Dissolved

    Personal Tax - Ltd Company Dissolved

    Quick question, my wife's business has recently dissolved as yet my wife who was the sole director and employee of the business hasn't completed her personal tax return.

    What is the best way to complete her return, she never took payslips, only bank statements... how would HMRC check...
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  • Getting Accounts moved to a DCA (HFC & HSBC)


    Someone very knowledgeable about the CCA generally and UN in particular I was talking to recently mentioned that ..... "I could do with getting that one (an HSBC account) moved on to a DCA". (Hope I'm not misquoting her!). Since I'd always though it's an OC's decision to...
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  • TillyU
    started a topic Barclaycard/Link Financial

    Barclaycard/Link Financial

    In 2011, due to my personal circumstances at the time, I wrote to the original lender, Egg, offering £1 per month. Shortly afterwards, Egg was taken over by Barclaycard. I continued to pay the £1.00 per month and didn't hear anything until last year when BC informed me that the account has been...
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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Debt problems - Any Ideas

    Debt problems - Any Ideas

    Hi, hope everyone is well

    Any advice thought on the below would be much appreciated and I know I'm in the right place to receive it

    Basically I'm still going through a UE journey now 5 years on and all is quiet with this, but now find myself in a new predicament

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  • julian
    started a topic I'M FREE

    I'M FREE

    All now SB and Defaults gone.

    This is a note to let those at the start of the journey and those en route know that there is an end to the misery. It is not pleasant or easy but it does end.

    No fault and no blame, but a crisis left me in a real mess. I am now resigned to...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic Happy new year to all

    Happy new year to all

    Let's hope we all have a happy and very healthy new year .
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  • What is likely to happen when i let the bank know i am self employed?

    long time no see, or rather read! Life keeps getting in the way of many things for me at the moment!

    Glad to see all is well.

    What is likely to happen when <cough> i tell the bank i am now self employed? Other than them wanting to charge me for drawing...
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  • Civil service classic pension early release of pension due to ill health

    Are there any pension experts? I'm just starting stage two of appeal for my pension on ill health. Stage one was refused even though I have medical evidence to prove my problems permanent, they are still using their opinion that it's not.
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  • Default cost certificate been served on me - advice needed please

    I had a car accident in 2008 which resulted in a personal injury claim which dragged on until it was finalised in court in nov 2014. As I was unsucessful in the claim I was ordered to pay the defendants cost's. I have hear nothing since the case was closed until a few weeks ago when I was sent a default...
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  • Octagon
    started a topic Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Hi all, looking for some info and advice here. I live in Scotland. In 2008 I was granted finance for a car that was beyond my means. However I was 18, naive and keen to get on the road with my own set of wheels so went ahead. In 2010 I hit a rocky road, issues with work and personal life. It lead me...
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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Long time since I've visited the site, in a bit of a dilemma so any advice greatly appreciated. Basically I'm into year 5 of my UE journey and everything is currently quietly ticking over, trouble is I moved and my 2 years of mail redirection is now coming to an end. Been told by royal mail that 2 years...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic parking fine and bailiffs

    parking fine and bailiffs

    From £70 to £422 .
    Right my youngest son got a parking fine as the above , he is unemployed and gets £70 a week and the bailiffs want the whole lot paying in 3 payments which doesn't add up.
    This is my prodigal son I'm talking about and he lives at his girlfriends mothers house , the...
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  • Mortimer Clarke & Northern Rock - Charging Order

    Hello All,
    it's been a while since I used this site but I have a little issues I need you help with. Back in 2005 I took out an unsecured personal loan with Norther Rock, in 2006 I got in diffulties with the payments and NR took me to court and got a ccj.
    Wallers Solicitors in Newcastle...
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