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Shocked to discover card transferred following death

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  • Shocked to discover card transferred following death

    Hi guys

    Been chatting to Mum about debts and credit cards etc, and it turns out that, when my stepfather died (2004) She contacted Barclaycard to inform them and was told that the debt he had would be wiped (great) and would she like to take over the account with a new card in her name!
    (I would say stupidly) she said yes, and duly recieved confirmation of the cancelled debt, and a bright shiny new card in the post in her name - kid and sweet shop springs to mind

    Now, she's not in the best of health herself, and the balance is currently at 5k, she has however to her credit, made payments on time so there are no defaults that I'm aware of - we've not checked her credit file yet and although it's a bit of a struggle sometimes, she's happy enough for the most part - I however am not!

    I was tempted to get her to check out whether or not she signed anything, she doesn't remember signing anything but as it was an emotional time, I'm not relying on that.
    Having slept on it, I'm tempted to just let her carry on using it - she's still got another 2K left on the limit, and then upon her demise, have great pleasure in telling them it aint getting paid as she has no assets, lives in housing association property, has a mobility car etc
    Don't get me wrong, I don't think that's gonna be any time soon, but it has crossed my mind as there is a history in the family, and she's older now than either of her parents made.

    Were they allowed to do this?! Are they still allowed to do this?
    Given that the majority of people are not always of a sound mind following a death in the family.

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    Re: Shocked to discover card transferred following death

    They could and probably would have done a telephone application with her.

    I'd not worry too much about it. Upon her death the debt would be repaid using assets (you say she has none) or would be wiped. So tell her to spend up and just make min repayments to keep the account live. However going on what you say, the state of her credit file would be irrelevant so even if she stopped paying - not much that barclays could do, is there?

    I never said that! I'll deny all knowledge haha!
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