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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Property repossessions 'lowest since 1980'

    Property repossessions 'lowest since 1980'

    The number of homes repossessed in the UK fell to its lowest level since 1980 last year, industry figures show. There were 4,580 homes repossessed by mortgage lenders from owners who were unable to keep up with repayments on their home loans. Low mortgage rates and a less aggressive attitude from lenders...
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  • Dharmadad
    started a topic Joint Owned. Mortgage in both names.

    Joint Owned. Mortgage in both names.


    I (nor anyone else for that matter) has seen of heard from my ex partner (not married) for nearly 8 years.

    I have since re-married and have a child with my wife - we've been married for 6 years.

    I understand from Landmark that I can do nothing without my...
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  • 'Can't pay, take it away' episode

    Hi guys

    I was watching an episode of Can't Pay, Take It Away the other day, and i noticed that the High Court Enforcement guys were on a job enforcing a writ where a lady had taken out a 4k loan?! I was under the impression that any debt under the consumer credit agreement could not be...
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic Looking to rent

    Looking to rent

    We live in a mortgaged house, the house next door is a rental. Every 6, 12 or 48 months we get new neighbours more often than not they are a nightmare!

    Anyway we were thinking if it was practical for us to rent our property and rent another property elsewhere.

    I was wondering...
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  • pipsaholic
    started a topic Bailiff Visit

    Bailiff Visit

    Hi Guys,

    Need some guidance here. I sent 3 repeated letters Lloyds asking for proof of debt/original contract/claim against me/original credit agreement) have now passed it over to Fidelite DCA and rather than sending me several letters like others demanding payment they are going to pay...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic freehold on mortgaged property

    freehold on mortgaged property

    This question is from a friend which i found interesting so I'm going to ask your views on it if you will please .

    Jo Blogs buys a house he has a mortgage . The property is freehold .
    If he paid for the freehold outright can he then live on the land and not in the mortgaged house...
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  • Ashtanga
    started a topic Joint Owned...court now?

    Joint Owned...court now?

    Hi everyone,

    I am aware that there is lots of stuff out there regarding this. But every case has its unique peculiarities eh?

    Joint owned. She left around 8 years ago.

    Not seen ex partner for 8 years over which period I paid the mortgage on the dot - never left...
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  • Streetwise
    started a topic Thought she was married.

    Thought she was married.

    My partner passed away six and a half years ago we were not married ,i thought she was married, anyway we had been together for 16 years and had two sons aged 8-15 when she died, i asked her pension scheme if i would qualify for a cohabiters pension and they said no.

    They have to keep the...
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  • Stressedoutmum
    started a topic Changing mortgage and DMP

    Changing mortgage and DMP

    Been a while since I have posted again!

    Been on a DMP since 2009 and hubby was Bankrupt same year. Have also been on interest only mortgage since then with balance of £92/93K, property worth about £145K. We have wanted to start back on repayment mortgage for last couple of years but it's...
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  • can debtor force which of the offers for my property is accepted to my disadvatage

    In addition to my house I have a commercial property under separate title. My house is not involved. A private individual, a long-term colleague, made a short term high value loan to me so I could satisfy a serious debt issue. I agreed to sell the commercial property to repay. I am nearly 70 and was...
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  • daisy
    started a topic Unsecured debt & moving.

    Unsecured debt & moving.

    Hi everyone, it's been a while!

    I have a large amount of unsecured debt, not worried about the smaller ones, but a couple of Barclaycards pre 2007, also a couple of biggies with two banks and I can no longer service these debts, as I need to give up work on health grounds, so there is no...
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  • Payday firm CFO Lending forced to repay £35m to borrowers

    Payday firm CFO Lending forced to repay £35m to borrowers

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 19th September 2016 12:17
    A payday lending business has been forced to repay £35m to its borrowers for a catalogue of wrongdoings.

    The company took money from its
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  • Mortimer Clarke & Northern Rock - Charging Order

    Hello All,
    it's been a while since I used this site but I have a little issues I need you help with. Back in 2005 I took out an unsecured personal loan with Norther Rock, in 2006 I got in diffulties with the payments and NR took me to court and got a ccj.
    Wallers Solicitors in Newcastle...
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  • julian
    started a topic Remortgaging possibilities

    Remortgaging possibilities

    Approaching 70 there is a need to re-mortgage as the term ends next year. 2 defaulted accts (£12k) SB next year. 60% equity and need 7x income. What is best route?

    Broker may refuse on defaults, and banks may keep long records of SB accounts. On calculations, the inclusion of £12K...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Robinson Way

    Robinson Way

    I have just been informed that Tesco have sold my loan to Robinson Way. I still owe Tesco 12k and have been paying a nominal £5 a month payment via a DMP for about 6 years. Tesco have stated that there should be no change in what I pay but am a little worried this company may file for a charging order...
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