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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Banks refusing to unblock credit cards in branches

    Banks refusing to unblock credit cards in branches

    ......Customers must phone a call centre if their card is declined

    Banks are refusing to help customers unblock credit cards in branches. Anyone whose card is unexpectedly declined while shopping must now phone the bank's call centre instead. Lloyds, Santander, Nationwide, NatWest, Virgin Money, HSBC...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post UK's 'no-deal' Brexit plans warn of credit card fees

    UK's 'no-deal' Brexit plans warn of credit card fees

    Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has set out what he called "practical and proportionate" advice in case the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The guidance includes instructions for businesses who could face extra paperwork at borders and contingency plans to avoid medicine shortages. Britons...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Credit and debit card surcharges to be banned

    Credit and debit card surcharges to be banned

    Consumers are no longer to be charged extra for paying by debit or credit card, the government has said. From January next year, businesses will not be allowed to add any surcharges for card payments. The worst offenders currently are airlines and food delivery apps, and small businesses which typically...
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  • Credit Cards - Ask your own bank first!

    Credit Cards - Ask your own bank first!

    If you're thinking of applying for a new credit card, be it your first ever application or your first for a few years since the darker days when you may have had a default registered against you (with the Credit Reference Agencies (CRA's), then it's always best to consider asking your main bank first. Unlike applying with a sub-prime lender, such as Capital One, Vanquis, Barclaycard etc, by applying to your bank you may be surprised to learn that they may well accept you. Of course there are n...
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  • InvisibleMan
    started a topic Invisible Man's UE diary

    Invisible Man's UE diary

    Background to how I got into this mess:

    Around 10 years ago I had a well-paid job and a top notch credit score. I had a few credit cards I hardly used, but no outstanding debt. I went into a lone business venture for a pension pot. I borrowed heavily through bank loans. They couldn’t...
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  • InvisibleMan
    started a topic hello!


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I joined the forum last June, but the illness and then bereavement of a very close family member took me offline for some time. I've been dipping in and out of the site more recently and have to say I find the approach and advice bang on the money, this is the site I...
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  • Can creditors force a house sale to claim back their money

    Hi all, thanks for all the help you give.

    I have been on a DMP for 5 to 6 years now and want to go self managed and put my creditors on token payments until I have CCA's back (or not as the case may be). My only concern is that the creditors might choose to force me into selling my house...
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  • Arrow Global Limited vs sagesi - issued 28 April 2017

    I've received a claim form from Restons Solicitors Limited acting for Arrow Global Limted regarding a Mark and Spencer credit card for the sum of £5203.98 including court fee and legal cost.

    A little history about myself.
    I've had many credit cards/loans and had never missed a payment...
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  • MisterK
    started a topic MisterK UE Diary

    MisterK UE Diary

    Here is my diary at last.

    (A little local difficulty getting the username agreed with MrsK, but everybody's happy now I'm pleased to say).

    About six years ago, in need of some help and well before I found AAD, I paid some money over to some CMC's to get "certificates of...
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  • stjjts
    started a topic stjjts UE Diary

    stjjts UE Diary

    I have committed to start a diary so I can record my progress to date and going forward. I have spent hours looking through the valuable resources that exist in forums and now have a better understanding of what to do and what to expect.

    A number of years ago I realized that I was struggling...
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  • fiscalfool
    started a topic Credit Cards - To close or not to close?!

    Credit Cards - To close or not to close?!

    Hi All

    As part of my journey back from Bankruptcy, I have three Credit Cards:

    Vanquis £4000 Limit
    Aqua £4350 Limit
    CapitalOne £1750 Limit

    I've just come into some money and cleared all balance on those cards.

    My credit rating is still...
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Zeppelin's UE Diary

    Zeppelin's UE Diary


    Some of the UE Diaries start with some background whilst others don't seem to but I reckoned I should provide some background, partly as it might help other forum readers and partly to give Niddy and the other advisers relevant background details on specific debts.

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  • Credit Card Debts...Advice Please

    Good Evening, I am posting on behalf of my daughter who is now in the middle of her financial settlement, and needing my support. Without going into the details, during her marriage she built up debt with three credit cards, all part of the marital problems at the time. However its reached a point now...
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  • cardiac arrest
    started a topic identity fraud

    identity fraud

    not sure if this is the right place but....

    my daughter and her partner were declined a mortgage recently after failing a credit check.
    After investigating it seems her partners ex wife has run up dozens of defaulted debts after they split but before they were divorced.
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  • Roscoe
    started a topic Roscoe UE Diary

    Roscoe UE Diary

    Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer but in need of a lot of help. My journey into debt began a long time ago but accelerated with the financial crash. I was self-employed and one of 3 directors of a small limited company from 2003-2007. The business was doing quite well but began to lose customers and contracts...
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