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  • daisy
    started a topic CCJ from 2005

    CCJ from 2005

    I have an old CCJ from 2005 for a store card which I have been paying £10 a month for, however, I will quite soon be moving and will have no employment or assets for them to consider chasing.

    My question is, can I simply tell them to go forth? as I feel that I've more than repaid what...
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  • daisy
    started a topic Unsecured debt & moving.

    Unsecured debt & moving.

    Hi everyone, it's been a while!

    I have a large amount of unsecured debt, not worried about the smaller ones, but a couple of Barclaycards pre 2007, also a couple of biggies with two banks and I can no longer service these debts, as I need to give up work on health grounds, so there is no...
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  • Loan payment taken from Current Account

    Hi sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but if anyone could help I would be most grateful, my father has died and he had a personal loan with Barclays with about £300 left to pay, I have told them about his death and they say that the money he has in his current account must pay off the loan and...
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  • Quikkie
    started a topic What do I do?

    What do I do?

    Hi guys, been recommended to join here and ask your advice so here goes....

    I'm currently paying money for bills and credit cards each month with my last credit card seeing me through as I have no spare cash. Once that credit card is maxed out I have nothing so now's the time I need to...
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  • mo444
    started a topic capital one £3500 debt

    capital one £3500 debt

    I'm just looking for advice.I have 3500 on a capital one credit card with no hope of repaying.I have a 6 month agreement paying £5 a month.Will I be able to continue with this long term? Do I fill in form every 6 months or just ignore it and continue to pay . will it goto debt collection..Will I be...
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  • Pop25312
    started a topic Restons


    I have a debt held with Cabot that I was paying a £1.00 token payment and in May 2013 made a CCA request, I received letter back saying they did not have the information and the agreement was currently unenforceable and so I stopped the £1.00 token payment.
    Now receiving letters from...
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  • Solicitors missed deadline for AOS return ??

    Hello there,

    Brand new to this website, have been referred here by my dad who speaks very highly of you

    Would appreciate it if this could be moved to the relevant section, I looked but could not find a forum I though it fitted in

    In a rather bad situation...
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  • Expat with CC debt pulling family under

    Hello all. Looking for advice on my situation.

    I am a Brit living abroad with foreign partner and now a couple of kids - I have debts with Barclaycard and MBNA of around 8,000. Plus bank overdraft of 2.5k

    I left the UK in 2008 after the crash and had to rent out my house...
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  • Strippers told to reveal all about tax to HMRC

    Strippers told to reveal all about tax to HMRC

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 8th December 2015 08:10
    Strippers, online escort agencies and adult club owners have been told to reveal all when it comes to their tax affairs.

    The industry is being targeted
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  • Red88
    started a topic Red88's UE Diary

    Red88's UE Diary

    Hello, I have added a link to my original post, so you can see what has brought us here.

    Original Post


    other information

    Total Debt £18,926
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    Last edited by Red88; 17 November 2015, 20:09.

  • Deepie
    started a topic INDUCTION HOB


    I'm look for a Induction hob ....

    Here --->

    Does any one know what make this is ?????

    Seems good value to me .....
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  • patchouli
    started a topic Statutory demand, DCA or LBA?

    Statutory demand, DCA or LBA?

    One of our clients owes us a little over £1,000 for work carried out in July and August. He paid for May and June (all be they 4 weeks late each time). We have texts and emails where he keeps saying he will pay for July and August and lots of lame reasons why he hasn't yet. Then out of the blue he...
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  • morris83
    started a topic Is this my best option

    Is this my best option

    Hi all I have posted before about my financial situation and I have negotiated a payment plan of one pound for each creditor one for 12 months and the other for six months. I owe in total 18000. 16000 on a loan and 2000 on a credit card.

    I have been offered work but as an apprentice for...
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  • Getting hassle from high Court sherif regarding someone else and their debt

    Have had two letters from a high Court enforcement agent asking some bloke to contact them regarding a 30k debt. Have also had emails from them asking to speak to him. I've told them repeatedly they have the wrong address and I know of no one with that name. But today I received yet another letter....
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  • cardiac arrest
    started a topic divorce ?

    divorce ?

    not sure this forum deals with this,but i have a friend who needs help and so thought i'd ask...maybe someone could point me elsewhere if not ?
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