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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Considering parents moving in

    Considering parents moving in

    As my parents disability is getting worse especially with my dad's Parkinson's nearing the advanced stages - we have talked about them moving in with us - we have 3 spare rooms and a spare bathroom .

    I'm not so sure though because my dad is awake most of the night and then there is the...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic parking fine double yellows ?

    parking fine double yellows ?

    I got a fine for parkingon double yellows- but i sent it back with 'not entering into contract' worth a try but is this right ?
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  • family matters and affairs( lasting power of attorney)cost my parents £1278

    A solicitor just went to my parents , my parents have made a will that the house is to be split between me and my two brothers , but now there is this 'government ruling' that means my parents had to pay £1278 which includes court costs so that if either of them have to go in to a home or die then...
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  • rgally64
    started a topic Ccj


    Hi folks wondered if anyone had heard of a ccj issued and person unaware as no claim was ever received this is a friend of mine who has only just seen it on her credit report as she was thinking of applying for a mortgage it was from 2014 she moved out of her parents in 2013 and her parents say nothing...
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  • Orange mobile to the next and then the next and so so

    Not sure if I'm in the right place. Short version - moved overseas and my parents sent me a scan of a letter from Orange (22nd of hte 9th 2010) stating that I owed them 2570 pounds.

    I was overseas for some years and had no interest in this until recently as I've returned. Since then the...
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  • Parents face charges for 'free' childcare, nurseries warn

    Parents face charges for 'free' childcare, nurseries warn

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 27th August 2016 07:37
    Parents in England who claim extra free childcare from September will be asked to pay charges to help tackle a funding shortfall, nurseries have warned.
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  • lookingforward
    started a topic Will question

    Will question

    My sister has made her will today and I am the executor and trustee of the will.

    Why these things can't be written in plain English I don't know

    My name is written when I am named as the sole executor and trustee, then there's various clauses about the trustee powers before...
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  • lookingforward
    started a topic Daughter Holiday Card

    Daughter Holiday Card


    DD is off on her first foreign holiday with her friend and her friends parents to Spain in September. She's 18 and just got her first full time job/apprenticeship after leaving college so has no credit history whatsoever but is wanting to get a credit card to take with her that she...
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  • Quikkie
    started a topic What do I do?

    What do I do?

    Hi guys, been recommended to join here and ask your advice so here goes....

    I'm currently paying money for bills and credit cards each month with my last credit card seeing me through as I have no spare cash. Once that credit card is maxed out I have nothing so now's the time I need to...
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  • milliesmadmoth
    started a topic SOUP MAKER


    for anyone who is not to hot at the cooking this is the best invention ever!

    Chop your veggies add your stock and 20 minutes later you have fresh soup, you can even choose the texture it does it all for you.

    You know what has been added so you know you have added no sugar........
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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Help please! Maternity

    Help please! Maternity

    Hello all,
    Not posted for a while now, its been a little bit s*** for the past weeks.
    Brother died 3rd January,Father in law died 11th January, both sudden and without warning.
    Youngest undergoing investigations on her heart condition....many trips to hospital in front of us.
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  • IF
    started a topic - CLOSED - It’s getting nearer…..

    - CLOSED - It’s getting nearer…..

    ……………..Christmas that is

    This years John Lewis Christmas Advert is The Man on the Moon sung by Aurora Aksnes (apt name ) better know as Half the World Away by Oasis.

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  • Nelvin
    started a topic drydensfairfax contact - need some advice...

    drydensfairfax contact - need some advice...

    Hi All,

    First off, I want to say that I'm delighted I found this site... After checking out other "similar" sites, AAD is in a different league! At last a forum where members want to help, providing concise advice tailored for each issue (rather than the usual "just bin the
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  • Susiebling365
    started a topic Parental Responsibility ?

    Parental Responsibility ?

    My youngest daughter has a son and is single. I am trying to find out how to share the responsibility for him in order to take him to the dentist and such occasions which at the moment mean that she has to go when it would be easier for me to go instead. I know its possible but need to find out the...
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  • Inheritance tax to be scrapped on homes worth up to £1m

    Inheritance tax to be scrapped on homes worth up to £1m

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 4th July 2015 19:40.

    *Chancellor George Osborne's Budget is to confirm the end of inheritance tax on family homes worth up to £1m. * He is expected to tell MPs on...
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