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  • shaun196809
    started a topic PRA Group

    PRA Group

    Hi there,

    I have a £8.5k debt with PRA from 2005 and requested a CCA last month. They responded stating that the amount was unenforceable as they couldn't find the original credit agreement.

    I responded with a 10% offer to close the account stressing that it was unenforceable...
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  • shaun196809
    started a topic Link Financial

    Link Financial

    Hi there,

    Have an outstanding debt of £4k with Link Financials.

    I requested a copy of my credit agreement on the 24th April and they responded on the 27th April to state that they didn't hold the information but would request from Barclaycard. They stated that this could take...
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  • Last stage of Parkinson's and dementia (my dad)

    We've been told my dad is in the last stage of his illness. He's bedridden now and has lost the ability to swallow most of the time , he isn't eating and barley drinks.

    He's in a care home and our doctor spoke to my mum about what care she would like him to receive. She decided to keep...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Advice needed.

    Advice needed.

    Basically I have been on a DMP for a while now and though it still has a way to go before it ends a lot of the defaults on my credit report are due to fall off in the next 9 months. This would then show only £3000 of debt on my file. I was hoping to try and settle this amount in the way of a full and...
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  • pipsaholic
    started a topic Moorcroft Letter?

    Moorcroft Letter?


    I sent letters to Tesco Bank asking for debt validation, deed of assignment, proof of contract they have eventually after 4 months passed onto Moorcroft sent them letter 1 got this response?

    Questions I have is

    We received the instructions in good faith from...
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  • mark62
    started a topic Victory


    Hi there I haven't posted here for a long time. This site has helped me so much and I want to just tell you how things have turned out.
    around 2002 I was extremely mentally ill and consequently ran up over £45000 of credit card debts. With the help of the mental health CAB in Sheffield I defaulted...
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  • can debtor force which of the offers for my property is accepted to my disadvatage

    In addition to my house I have a commercial property under separate title. My house is not involved. A private individual, a long-term colleague, made a short term high value loan to me so I could satisfy a serious debt issue. I agreed to sell the commercial property to repay. I am nearly 70 and was...
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  • LeeC
    started a topic Ferratum - claiming back interest charges

    Ferratum - claiming back interest charges

    Hello all

    has anyone had any dealings with Ferratum?

    i like many people have gotten into the cycle of taking multiple payday loans out to pay another back and to make ends meet ending up in a debt spiral so im amazed that this company state on their website FAQs "...
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  • marylikes
    started a topic Debt transfer.

    Debt transfer.

    Hi again. I have been paying off a loan to LLoyds by way of a Court agreement. I posted about it roughly two years ago. I've never missed and pay £30PM, balance just over 4K. I've now revieved a letter form them to inform me that my Lloyds bank debt is being transferred to Moorcroft Debt collection...
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  • Father in law chased for fine he doesn't owe by B W Legal

    Hey guys.

    OK so my father in law is a volunteer at his local hospital and as such is not required to pay for parking when he is there. He just needs to display a permit.

    Back in December 2010 he was given a parking fine by excel claiming he didn't display a valid ticket,...
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  • Lowell have a default on my partners Credit file at an unknown address?.

    My partner has checked her credit file using "Checkmyfile" and on her file there is a default at an
    unknown address from Lowell and account type is mail order.
    What is the first step we take to
    A: check what this is
    B: get it removed.

    The default date...
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  • State pension outcasts to receive warning letters

    State pension outcasts to receive warning letters

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 23rd June 2016 10:23
    Letters will be sent to more than 100,000 people who are set to miss out on the new state pension owing to a lack of contributions.
    A rule imposed in April
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  • Re "Fidelite", a DCA presumably... can anyone help?


    Firstly, hello.... again!

    I was last here a couple of years ago, and was very grateful of some help I received from various people on here.

    I have now returned with a new problem, and wondered if someone might again help? (I've
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  • Work until 70 to claim your state pension: Ex-FCA chairman Lord Turner Says;

    Work until 70 to claim your state pension: Ex-FCA chairman Lord Turner Says;

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 26th May 2016 15:45 argue retirement age should be raised to cut costs

    • A rise to age 70 by 2030 would force millions in their
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  • Struggling
    started a topic Mediation agreement

    Mediation agreement

    As some of you will know I had a pending court case last year with Cabot/Weightmans and thanks to the help of Never in Doubt and others in helping with a defence it was settled via mediation with a conference call between myself, the rep from Weightmans and the Court mediator...the terms were agreed...
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