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  • Shaming of bully banks: We DID intimidate customers with fake debt collection letters admit bosses

    Shaming of bully banks: We DID intimidate customers with fake debt collection letters admit bosses

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 6th September 2014 09:33.

    *HSBC, Barclays, Santander and RBS/Natwest all admit using the trick* *Treasury committee said banks...
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  • linnite
    started a topic linnite's diary

    linnite's diary

    OK here goes:

    All of these have been paid up to July 2014 but I'll stop paying the DMP when I send the CCA's.

    Admin Edit - Main thread is here -->
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  • ah001
    started a topic 1st Credit / HBOS

    1st Credit / HBOS


    I have read the info on here regarding 1st Credit and HBOS accounts, but just wanted to check what my next move should be.

    I had a Halifax credit card, taken out in late 2000. After falling behind with payments and failing to get any assistance from Halifax, I received...
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  • kentishbloke
    started a topic Contactfrom Cabot

    Contactfrom Cabot

    It's been a while since i posted on here since my result with another debt, but i have recently received a letter from Cabot Financial regarding a debt i have with a Halifax Credit Card. Previously, the account was managed by Blair Oliver & Scott, and has now been purchased by Cabot.
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  • mossgiel
    started a topic Is this enforceable?

    Is this enforceable?

    Hi one and all .
    hopefully i can get some advice .
    I have a defaulted loan with AA finance /BOS .
    the reasons are they insisted i stoipped paying before they would discuss a reduced monthly payment .so they defaulted me now i want to try and figth back .
    I current pay them 120...
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  • GlobalC
    started a topic Sainsburys loans

    Sainsburys loans

    Hi guys, after some advice about what to do with these loans,

    - 2009 i owe roughly £6500
    -2010 i owe roughly £12800

    I stopped all payments of both these back in May as i couldn't keep up with payments, i have written to sainsburys requesting them to accept reduced...
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  • SA Gold
    started a topic SA Gold's Diary

    SA Gold's Diary

    The aim of this diary is to log events whilst dealing with debts listed below.
    At the time of writing this, I am in a Debt management plan and have paid every month. I discovered this great forum whilst searching online for further information about defaults registered on credit reference
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  • Sosad
    started a topic Starting out

    Starting out

    Hi I have been reading the unenforcable threads and have decided to go down this route as I'm going to be dead and still owing money to my creditors .usual story started off good then ending up with depression (not using this as an excuse) but when I spent I felt a little bit better ,I have nothing...
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    started a topic IF (HBOS) rejecting payments what next?

    IF (HBOS) rejecting payments what next?

    Hi All

    I make payments to blair oliver scott for a defaulted credit card, Payments are made via online banking. However a couple of days ago the payment was bounced back to my bank (intelligent Finance) as rejected by recipient. This is how the court process started with hsbc a year or...
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  • Roomtobreathe's UE Diary - Mrs RTB's BOS CC

    Any developments from this thread about Mrs RTB's BOS CC will be recorded in here so I don't get confused!

    As things stand Niddy has deemed the agreement UE and we have told them so!

    30th Jan 2012 - Letter from BOS, Notice of Intended Court Action, Formal notice hereby give,...
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  • Gowja87
    started a topic Cabot CCA Response

    Cabot CCA Response

    Hello all,

    I dropped this on The Other Site earlier and have been kindly advised to pop over here and ask you good people for your assistance.

    I woke up to my debt situation after being made unemployed this year and decided to CCA my debts and pursue my Loan PPI repayments...
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  • doozy
    started a topic Doozy Diary

    Doozy Diary


    Date Commenced :- Aug 1999
    Was £7500 , Now £8500
    Date last paid :- Aug 10
    In Default
    Optima legal services

    21 Oct '10
    Cca request sent after they issued me with a notice of sums in arrears.

    11 Nov'10
    They sent me the application...
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  • Lollypop
    started a topic Lollypops UE Diary

    Lollypops UE Diary

    Here is my debt diary.... quick update currently on a DMP with CCCS however I am due to go on maternity in March 2011 so will struggle to maintain DMP really hoping some of my debts will be UE will really appreciate your help and advice to get the ball rolling...I am so stressed out with it all I dont...
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  • jinjoe
    started a topic Halifax BOS Debt & me

    Halifax BOS Debt & me

    Greetings i currently have a credit card debt of about £7,195, the original creditor was with Halifax and since march 2010 my account was passed onto Blair Oliver & Scott debt collection agency.

    During September this year BOS demanded that i increase my payments to which i told them...
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