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Aqua - Acceptance chances???

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  • Aqua - Acceptance chances???

    I'm still undischarged bankrupt. My OR has gone quiet after threatening to take me to court for just about everything (despite sending me nothing...). So with any luck I'll be discharged in 6 months, although I've read they look at BRUs a bit further into the bankruptcy?

    I've done a credit checker on Fluid, I'm rated as a low chance to get the Aqua classic exclusive (slightly lower interest rate), Aqua Class and Aqua advance. Advance has higher APR but includes criteria for it to drop with on time payments. I previously had both (pre-BR so defaulted). What's the best one to apply for? Presumably when I'm out of bankruptcy.

    But I'm wondering why they list me as low, and everyone else lists me as not eligible.... could I really have a small chance despite still being BR!? And would I be breaking any rules or anything if I applied. Obviously there's no box for me to explicitly tell the creditor I've been bankrupt, but they could clearly see on their systems.... Thinking that while it says low it might be worth putting one through anyway whilst still BR, then if rejected just stick one through when I'm out of bankruptcy?

    It took them until August to default me (prior to BR) and they're on my credit file under Newday LTD (Aqua) if that makes any difference???

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    Re: Aqua - Acceptance chances???


    you can't obtain credit whilst still BR. You get in serious trouble.

    Wait it till you're over it then we'll clarify better
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      Re: Aqua - Acceptance chances???

      I thought you could if you declared it??? And if the company gave it to you... in theory bankrupts may be a better risk to the likes of Vanquis/Aqua than others with defaults - if you go bankrupt a 2nd time you're almost certainly going to be in a lot of trouble - therefore it follows that the bankrupt is more likely to behave. Especially as the whole point of bankruptcy is for a fresh start. If you have sufficient income for a small credit limit card, there's no reason why that can't happen immediately.

      This is why I thought I was allowed unlimited money as long as I declare over 500... -
      4. Restrictions

      If you’re made bankrupt by the court you have to follow ‘bankruptcy restrictions’. This means you can’t:
      • borrow more than 500 without telling the lender you’re bankrupt...

      Because car insurance etc are pay monthly, so people can't be getting in trouble for using that!? Although the loading is ridiculous, my 900 quote is 2700 if I want to pay monthly haha!

      As Aqua are one of my creditors I'll wait though - better not rock the boat, I'm hoping to avoid a BRO as it is, 7 months to keep praying!

      Just intrigued as to why I'm rated low there as opposed to not eligible.


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        Re: Aqua - Acceptance chances???

        Originally posted by 1NightInIbiza View Post
        Just intrigued as to why I'm rated low there as opposed to not eligible.
        Because even a snowball could briefly survive in Hell if first coated in meringue?


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          Re: Aqua - Acceptance chances???

          Haha fair point!!

          Now potentially moving abroad... that'll open a whole can of worms with my OR no doubt! At least if I manage to go, by the time I get back my BRO will be over and done with!


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