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  • rockwell
    started a topic Claim Form

    Claim Form

    Hello All,
    Having successfully seen off Barclaycard and Cap One thanks to this forum, I have now received a CC claim form (commencing Tues 5th June) relating to care home fees owed to the local County Council and outstanding since 2013.
    The outstanding fees are for a relative and the original...
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  • alfie
    started a topic Remortgage Equity Release

    Remortgage Equity Release

    Good evening.
    My query is if anyone knows off hand about remortgaging an existing equity release which provided an initial lump sum then a monthly payment. The sticking point is that it appears that the monthly payment cannot be stopped unless the whole existing amount is redeemed. The wish...
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  • cymruambyth
    started a topic Annual Statements

    Annual Statements

    Can someone please clarify the situation regarding annual statements?

    What are supposed to receive them for?
    If you dont receive them does this make a debt UE?
    Can this be rectified?

    Thank you
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  • Frosty873
    started a topic The start of a debt free life

    The start of a debt free life

    Hello all, just a little about me - my hubby and I have found ourselves in big debts altogether, and after browsing through this forum over the past few days (which has already turned out to be super helpful and supportive) we both made a decision yesterday to stop making payments in anticipation of...
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  • stjjts
    started a topic stjjts UE Diary

    stjjts UE Diary

    I have committed to start a diary so I can record my progress to date and going forward. I have spent hours looking through the valuable resources that exist in forums and now have a better understanding of what to do and what to expect.

    A number of years ago I realized that I was struggling...
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  • Help and advice for debt of over £80k+

    Hello all I'm new to this forum and I'm really hoping you are all a friendly bunch who won't judge me too much

    My husband and I have always been in debt for as long as we've been together, and we are at the point where we are just being crippled every month with high interest and fallen...
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  • fiscalfool
    started a topic Credit Cards - To close or not to close?!

    Credit Cards - To close or not to close?!

    Hi All

    As part of my journey back from Bankruptcy, I have three Credit Cards:

    Vanquis £4000 Limit
    Aqua £4350 Limit
    CapitalOne £1750 Limit

    I've just come into some money and cleared all balance on those cards.

    My credit rating is still...
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  • dudedj
    started a topic Debt/income expenditure form

    Debt/income expenditure form

    Hi. Im new here and looking for some help.

    A bit of background info:

    I was in debt for a good few years starting about 8 years ago. Eventually cleared it up via a DMP 3 ish years ago. My credit score was destroyed then and still hasnt recovered but is very slowly creeping...
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  • crazybeats
    started a topic Bank of Scotland credit card help

    Bank of Scotland credit card help

    I am going to go and try and speak to them in the branch tomorrow but I wanted some advice first and this seemed like a good site to start with and speak to other people. I should also say I called them tonight to explain the situation but it did not go well at all. I just want advice from others in...
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  • eburton
    started a topic Littlewoods extra care advantage

    Littlewoods extra care advantage

    Hi I have been told today that extra care advantage is a form of PPI payment is this correct ? If so i have had an open account with littlewoods since about 1995. I can not remember signing up to any form of payment protection insurance i do not have any paperwork from when i opened the account in 95....
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  • Arrangement to Pay and default notices

    Hi Niddy
    Basically I've got alot of unsecured debt that I'm now struggling to pay off. The majority of which has been used on house extension and improvement. Can't afford all my repayments each month now and have approached mortgage provider to remortgage to consolidate debt, no joy cos of my...
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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Debt problems - Any Ideas

    Debt problems - Any Ideas

    Hi, hope everyone is well

    Any advice thought on the below would be much appreciated and I know I'm in the right place to receive it

    Basically I'm still going through a UE journey now 5 years on and all is quiet with this, but now find myself in a new predicament

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  • Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd ( Howard Cohen ) v Clairebear - Issued 10 January 2017

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Howard Cohen

    Claim Issue Date

    10 January 2017

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e. Joe
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  • jet set willy
    started a topic Claim Form recieved

    Claim Form recieved

    Evening everyone,

    Now its been a while since i posted on here due to the fact i have been happily keeping people at bay for a few years and took some advice from a friend to think about this stuff only when i had to for the benfit of my health.
    But, as always something pops up for...
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  • Hotpoint and Indesit tumble dryer fires prompt legal move - (whirlpool, indesit, creda, hotpoint)

    Hotpoint and Indesit tumble dryer fires prompt legal move - (whirlpool, indesit, creda, hotpoint)

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 23rd December 2016 09:30
    A consumer group has begun a legal bid aimed at strengthening protection for owners of fire-prone tumble dryers.
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