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  • sad
    started a topic American Express

    American Express


    I paid my Amex card off about ten years ago but I can't find any statements!
    I've still got my membership number but I can't remember if I paid PPI!

    Can I sill claim and how can I find out if I paid PPI?

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  • Getting Sorted
    started a topic Help please!

    Help please!

    Hi Everyone

    Where to start!

    My other half when he was younger and a bit silly got himself into debt - following your guidance on the other site he followed years ago, he's established that 2 of them are more more than likely unenforceable but one we are not so sure of. The...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Lending Stream and pounds to pocket

    Lending Stream and pounds to pocket

    Basically I have taken out 5 payday loans with Lending Stream and one with Pounds to pocket. I shouldn't have done this as I am in a DMP and am in a position where I am struggling to pay back the agreed amount but needs arose at the time where I had no option. I have read through some threads on here...
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  • FCA updates criteria for enforcement against individuals and firms

    FCA updates criteria for enforcement against individuals and firms

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 14th July 2015 15:59.

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has updated the criteria and outlined the process it uses when deciding whether to refer a firm or individual......
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic Queens Honours - Confetti

    Queens Honours - Confetti

    Seems all you need to do now is to help one person (not a community) and you get honoured. For real?

    I've always said these "gongs" are issued like confetti but this proves it. How can fundraising for one person deserve an honour? I know a postie that worked the same village...
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  • me vs arrow global/shoosmiths

    Hi guys, looking for some help here of a fairly immediate nature... This has been posted on a couple of other forums too but this was recommended to me. Bit of a back story here regarding solicitor but i'll not get into it as it is irrelevant at this point

    I'm currently resident in Scotland...
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  • omissimo
    started a topic Default & CCJ help please?

    Default & CCJ help please?


    If anyone can offer some help or advise on the situation below I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I have been given a default by Cahoot (santander) for an overdraft on my current account. The account went over the limit (1,000) because of a small interest charge and then they...
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  • Claiming PIP & expecting ATOS will Force us to Appeal

    Hi guys - and please move this thread if it is in the wrong place - I have a habit of sitting in the wrong seat and pressing the wrong buttons !!! I've spent a few years in these forums dealing with bank charges & PPI etc., and I like to think I'm pretty clever with that stuff - but the damage...
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  • 1NightInIbiza
    started a topic Aqua - Acceptance chances???

    Aqua - Acceptance chances???

    I'm still undischarged bankrupt. My OR has gone quiet after threatening to take me to court for just about everything (despite sending me nothing...). So with any luck I'll be discharged in 6 months, although I've read they look at BRUs a bit further into the bankruptcy?

    I've done a credit...
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  • Cant get public liability with my credit record

    My credit rating is pretty well shot at ( no its worse than that its dead!!)

    Ive got one outstanding ccj and lots of defaulted agreements many of which are becoming statute barred over the next few months.

    I have a very good reputation as a builder on the my builder website...
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  • Council tax reduction eligibility help

    Hi everyone

    I just wondered about eligibilty with Council Tax Reduction.

    My husband works full time, I am a full time carer for my 19 year old son, I receive Carers Allowance and my son has high rate disability living allowance.
    Now we still receive Child Tax Credits...
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  • pompeyfaith
    started a topic Another Homeserve miss-sell?

    Another Homeserve miss-sell?

    It is my believe my mum in law who lives with us has been miss-sold a homeserve policy, she pays and always has done the water bill for our property and thus believe that was the root to being sold it.

    All this is unbeknown to me and only just found out by checking her bank statement due...
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  • Student loan debt IS now considered when applying for a mortgage

    Student loan debt IS now considered when applying for a mortgage

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 2nd June 2014 14:20.

    *throwing graduates' home ownership plans into jeopardy* * *MMR guidelines mean lenders now factor in student debt* * *University costs have......
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  • LippyKid
    started a topic Selling house with a secured loan

    Selling house with a secured loan

    Hi All

    I'm currently in process of selling my house before I did I checked with the loan company that the secured loan we have on it was transferable which they confirmed it was so far so good! I have now found out that it is not transferable as the there will not be any mortgage at least...
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  • di30
    started a topic Tracking down banks history

    Tracking down banks history

    Does anyone know of a site of history of banks?

    I know there is one called "TheWayBack/Machine Web, but on trying it and putting in Lloyds nothing comes up, and am thinking its now because they have split Lloyds/TSB, but surely this is about the history....
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