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O2 Default - Didn't know I had

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  • O2 Default - Didn't know I had

    Hi there,

    I reviewed my credit file today and saw that I have a default recorded by O2, which was under my closed accounts, for £20. Of which I paid anyway. Bizarre.

    Apparently the account defaulted in July 2012 and I had no idea this happened. And especially for £20!!

    I have emailed their credit referrals for more information but does anyone know how to manage this?

    It was passed to Lowells who I spoke to this morning who said that there was nothing they could do as O2 submitted the default.


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    Re: O2 Default - Didn't know I had

    Either dispute it with O2, or you can dispute the default entry with the credit reference agency. The agency will then have to check with O2 about the default. Have a look at the credit agencies website for details about disputing an entry.
    If the agency says that the default is legitimate you can then dispute it with O2 (it can be disputed with O2 directly anyway), and if not resolved then with the Information Commissioners Office.
    A Notice of Correction on your credit file can also be requested.
    Did you pay the outstanding amount before the account was formally defaulted?
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      Re: O2 Default - Didn't know I had

      Okay thanks - I've emailed O2. I believe I paid the outstanding balance of £20 within a matter of weeks from the default date.


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        Re: O2 Default - Didn't know I had

        Originally posted by shaun196809 View Post
        Okay thanks - I've emailed O2. I believe I paid the outstanding balance of £20 within a matter of weeks from the default date.
        Ok. If the recorded default turns out to be legitimate it may be difficult to get it removed.
        Maybe they then could do something as a gesture of goodwill. Or perhaps a Notice/Addendum could possibly still be done regarding the low amount/quick payment.
        Otherwise, only a year before it goes off your credit file Is the default hampering any current credit applications?


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          Re: O2 Default - Didn't know I had

          Yes, default is affecting a mortgage application.

          just had the following email from Lowell:

          Good Afternoon,

          Thank you for your e-mail.

          Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)
          If there’s some particular information you need, or you have a specific question about your account, let us know – we’re here to help and will look into this for you.

          However, if you’d like a copy of all the information we hold about you, you’d need to submit a Data Subject Access Request, in accordance with Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998.

          The request should be in writing to the postal address below and is subject to a fee of £10.00, as per Section 7 (2) (b) of the Act. If you require details of any phone calls you need to make this clear in your request. Our address is Lowell Financial Ltd, PO Box 1411, Northampton, NN2 1BQ.

          Your account and your credit file
          As this is a former O2 account in relation to the default notice, please note that mobile phone service contracts are not regulated agreements under the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Due to this, O2 had no obligation to provide you with this notice. This is a possible reason that you may not have received the notice of default on this account.

          O2 originally defaulted your account on 13/07/2012. When the account was sold to Lowell Portfolio I Ltd, we took over the responsibility for reporting the default to the credit reference agencies. Defaults are reported to the credit reference agencies for six years from the date of default. This is so companies can make informed decisions about lending.

          Updating your credit file
          We have updated the credit reference agencies with details of the payments you have made. We would not look to remove the default, but as you have paid your account in full, the accounts shows correctly as “satisfied”, so future lenders can see the debt is repaid.

          You repaid this on 09/10/2012 which is why this is reporting as satisfied.

          If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

          So so not sure whether to escalate to O2 or not.....


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            Re: O2 Default - Didn't know I had

            So you need to check if you did indeed pay within a matter of weeks or paid on 9th October 2012 (3 months) as lowell says
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              Re: O2 Default - Didn't know I had

              I didn't realise it had been formally sold to lowells (you said you were going to email O2), so yes lowells would have current responsibilty about its credit reference entry. Unless O2 get back to them further saying it is incorrect.
              Whilst a regulated default notice may have not been required, I would have thought that there should have been some form of required notice from O2 regarding any outstanding amounts and their intention to record a default if not paid in time?
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