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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Think i dropped a clanger

    Think i dropped a clanger

    Huge mistake, very embarrasing if anyone read my original post.
    Teach me to make assumptions...
    Thanks guys.

    All the best...
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    Last edited by stuffthebanks; 21st April 2017, 18:19. Reason: Sorted now.

  • sebaab
    started a topic Parking Eye Parking Charge Notice

    Parking Eye Parking Charge Notice

    Just received a "Parking Charge Notice" from Parking Eye. My wife waited in a car park sitting in the car waiting for someone for 1 hour. Unfortunately she was caught by CCTV entering and leaving the car park so Parking Eye think she was parked for that length of time. The full details are...
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  • Debbs
    started a topic Hotel Damage by tenant Dispute

    Hotel Damage by tenant Dispute

    Hi There.... In February 2016 I booked and paid for a Bed and Breakfast family room for one of my tenants for 3 days as I was fitting a new bathroom suite to her home. She went along and on the 3rd night her boyfriend turned up the the B&B. The pair of them argued and the boyfriend caused some damage...
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  • Nat West Gold Plus AC's being withdrawn

    I am sure there are many people affected by the above, which for most will be taking place in the next few months.

    I can find very little info apart from stating the fact anywhere on the internet. It seems very unfair as Nat West are transferring existing customers with this account...
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic CCA Barclaycard - Confused!

    CCA Barclaycard - Confused!

    Just received my wife CCA agreement from Barclaycard. I am confused!

    They have sent a "reconstituted copy of your credit agreement..."

    What should I be looking for, should I be looking for a signature?

    All help appreciated!
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic Sports Direct to review worker rights

    Sports Direct to review worker rights

    Sports Direct to review worker rights

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 18th December 2015 17:45
    Sports Direct is to review all agency worker terms and conditions after the firm was criticised for its employment practices.

    The review will be overseen by
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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Statement of terms and conditions

    Statement of terms and conditions

    Hi all,
    A question you may or may not be able to help with..
    I work for the local authority and have a statement of terms and conditions of employment, they are the original ones i have had since starting the job back in 2007.
    I have never agreed as far as i am aware to any changes...
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  • tinkerbelle
    started a topic Tinkerbelle UE Diary

    Tinkerbelle UE Diary

    Posted in the General Debt Forum previously and am now starting my diary. Have recently retired and am unable to pay the minimum payment for a Barclaycard and Mbna credit card. Have sent out two CCA requests and have received a reply from Barclaycard
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  • Seamus
    started a topic Credit card cheques

    Credit card cheques

    Does anyone have any experience using credit card cheques in the past (I think they may be banned now) and in particular should there be terms and conditions separate to the terms and conditions supplied with the card?

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  • Seamus
    started a topic Lowells/CapitalOne application form.

    Lowells/CapitalOne application form.

    After receiving a letter a couple of months ago from Lowells regarding a 1998 Capital One CC account informing me that documents can't be found and the account is now closed, I've received a pack containing a one page copy of the application form and further unlinked copies of terms and conditions....
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic Sanctuary Housing - Racist?

    Sanctuary Housing - Racist?

    Shame the idiots who wrote this and wasted paper can't even spell.

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  • xenaphon1970
    started a topic Cabot still chancing arm

    Cabot still chancing arm

    Barclaycard Branded

    Taken out May 2003

    Total owed £1,771.04

    Last Payment November 2011

    Requested CCA in January 2012 from both Barclaycard and Cabot, both admitted due to age of agreement that they did not have the original CCA. They sent a generic...
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  • Consent to let with Woolwich residential mortgage

    Has anyone got the definitive criteria for Consent to Let through Woolwich?

    Looking at 2 years max so within their rules, the rent covers the mortgage payment just, I have over 25% equity in the house and have been with Woolwich for years:
    1. New tenant going in but been getting...
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  • loring
    started a topic Assured Tenancy Agreement Terms

    Assured Tenancy Agreement Terms

    I recently signed up to an Assured Tenancy Agreement for a flat in a retirement development and I have a few queries relating to Terms and Conditions in the agreement and queries since imposed by the letting agent. I can find lots of information on Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements but nothing on...
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  • Moradin
    started a topic £80 fee

    £80 fee

    A friend contacted a credit agency that finds loans for people. she agreed verbally on the phone to terms and conditions.

    they took £80 from her bank account. without her permission.

    who should get the complaint? FOS

    what chance of getting money back.. complain...
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