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Sports Direct to review worker rights

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  • Sports Direct to review worker rights

    Sports Direct to review worker rights

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 18th December 2015 17:45
    Sports Direct is to review all agency worker terms and conditions after the firm was criticised for its employment practices.

    The review will be overseen by majority shareholder Mike Ashley, who also owns Newcastle United Football Club. The company defended itself against recent accusations about its employee practices, denying it "named and shamed" workers over a warehouse tannoy at its Shirebrook site.
    It also denied penalising ill staff.

    Agency staff

    Earlier this month, the sports goods retailer admitted that it searched staff leaving its warehouses, but said it had reduced the amount of time these searches took. A report in the Guardian suggested the extra, unpaid time taken for "rigorous" compulsory searches meant workers were paid less than the minimum wage. The Guardian sent undercover reporters to work at Sports Direct's warehouse in Shirebrook in Derbyshire last month. Sports Direct said it employed a number of its Shirebrook staff through two agencies, which had both told the firm they did not use controversial zero-hours contracts. These are agreements that do not guarantee a minimum amount of work.....Read more here

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