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  • DVLA Changing Your Address

    Just a little tip.

    In these days of tax being cancelled when a vehicle is transferred this is quite important.

    If you move house and return your V5C (logbook) to DVLA to make an address change don't write your name into section 6, or tick any of the boxes. Don't fill in the date of transfer either. Just write the new address.

    That way it won't get added as a new keeper in error and the tax won't be cancelled.

    Same goes if they've made a mistake in spelling - Make sure you highlight (a lot!) the error in section 5 and just write the correct bit that needs to be changed into section 6.
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    Re: DVLA Changing Your Address

    I'm just about to do mine in the next week or so....thanks
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      Re: DVLA Changing Your Address

      Sold a van to a motor trader in May, sent forms off. Direct debit for tax charged in June, and again in July. Have written to them 2 weeks ago, no reply yet. Have asked them to cancel direct debit and refund charges.


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        Re: DVLA Changing Your Address

        Sorry to say they won't refund June or July. Their rule is they only refund full months left after the date they receive your letter. Cancel the DD with your bank.

        You should get a confirmation letter in 2 weeks. Look out for it because otherwise if they didn't get your letter and you stay on the record they'll start chasing you for the remainder of the DD.

        The only way you can get them to even consider refunding June/July would be if you used tracked post to send the forms back and give them the tracking code to show it was delivered to them in May.

        For future reference use the Doc Ref Number from the logbook here to tell them the vehicle's been sold. That way it is digitally recorded and the date is there instantly. They can't argue with that.