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  • Last stage of Parkinson's and dementia (my dad)

    We've been told my dad is in the last stage of his illness. He's bedridden now and has lost the ability to swallow most of the time , he isn't eating and barley drinks.

    He's in a care home and our doctor spoke to my mum about what care she would like him to receive. She decided to keep...
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic Looking to rent

    Looking to rent

    We live in a mortgaged house, the house next door is a rental. Every 6, 12 or 48 months we get new neighbours more often than not they are a nightmare!

    Anyway we were thinking if it was practical for us to rent our property and rent another property elsewhere.

    I was wondering...
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  • Jacspacs
    started a topic Failed IVA

    Failed IVA

    Hi my Iva failed in 2012 and is still showing on my credit reference file - can anyone advise when this will drop off my file as it is showing as 110 months old?
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  • arklst1976
    started a topic Barclaycard from 2000

    Barclaycard from 2000

    Have an old B'card debt that was sold to Hoist, after MKDP bought it.
    MKDP were really heavy but managed to bat them off.
    Niddy, I'll send docs to see what you think
    Cheers again for the help
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  • julian
    started a topic I'M FREE

    I'M FREE

    All now SB and Defaults gone.

    This is a note to let those at the start of the journey and those en route know that there is an end to the misery. It is not pleasant or easy but it does end.

    No fault and no blame, but a crisis left me in a real mess. I am now resigned to...
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  • di30
    started a topic Hi everyone

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone.
    Long time and no speak. Am so sorry I've not been around, I have missed everyone.

    Just to keep you informed as most of you were aware of my kidney issues, I have unfortunately moved on to to stage 4 CKD, but it's been steady over the last 2 lots of bloods, however if...
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  • Octagon
    started a topic Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Hi all, looking for some info and advice here. I live in Scotland. In 2008 I was granted finance for a car that was beyond my means. However I was 18, naive and keen to get on the road with my own set of wheels so went ahead. In 2010 I hit a rocky road, issues with work and personal life. It lead me...
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  • Tornadotechie
    started a topic SCS faulty after delivery

    SCS faulty after delivery

    Hi there,

    I bought a sofa from SCS back in January. The sofa arrived about 6 weeks later. After delivery we noticed some damage on the sofa which was reported within a few days. They sent out a technician to look at the damage, he took photos and sent a report to SCS. I said I didn't...
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  • Disastra
    started a topic DVLA Changing Your Address

    DVLA Changing Your Address

    Just a little tip.

    In these days of tax being cancelled when a vehicle is transferred this is quite important.

    If you move house and return your V5C (logbook) to DVLA to make an address change don't write your name into section 6, or tick any of the boxes. Don't fill in the...
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  • Business account being classed as overdraft not covered by EU Directive

    Hi all, I'm new please bear with me..

    ive been looking at the threads regarding the CCA and the new EU directive, I've seen Diddys very good rebuttal in the sections concerning overdrafts, my question is this, is the HSBC commercial card an overdraft? because 1st credit says it is, and...
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  • IVA failed but creditors gone from credit file

    Hi all,

    Im after some advice please. I had an iva back in 2007/2008. It failed and I have heard nothing from any of the creditors. My credit report has wiped all those creditors off as over 6 years ago but my IVA still remains on there. It says I owe £0. I called the Insolvency service...
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  • no change in interest rate but payments keep going up

    Been watching this with my mortgage provider and 3 times the interest rate has not changed but each time we get a letter to tell us this the payment goes up by a few pence ,, its not a lot i know but why are they doing this if the rate has stayed the same.

    The first time they put the payment...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Tropical fish question if anyone can help please

    Tropical fish question if anyone can help please

    Got some guppies neons and some others can't remember the name.

    One of the neons have got like black on its body looks like inside his body the orange at his tail is almost gone now and the blue is fading too he seems happy enough , swimming around eating but just wonder if this could...
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  • EU referendum: Cameron announces date of vote

    The prime minister made his historic statement in Downing Street after briefing the cabinet on his EU reform deal.

    He said he had told ministers he will recommend remaining in a reformed EU.

    More --->
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  • How long do debts stay on credit file ?

    Our debts were defaulted in 2007 onward we started UE in July 2012 .

    We haven't checked our credit files as we don't want to wake up the creditors, but with things getting harder and harder such as wtc and now council tax help being based on minimum wage for self employed, we are looking...
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