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  • Boss of the rip-off copycat 'DVLA' website 'DVLA Licence Apply'

    ... and guess what, he's a privately educated solicitor!
    • Simon Button is the man behind the rip-off 'DVLA Licence Apply' website
    • He charges £91.60 for providing a licence - but it costs £34 from the DVLA
    • City Editor Alex Brummer among those who mistook it for the official site
    The homepage of...
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  • unfit elderly motorists: Number of over-70s with driving licences revoked on medical grounds

    • Some 22,453 motorists 70+ had licences revoked in 2018 - up from 9,265 in 2010
    • Number of licences taken away for medical reasons has grown across all ages
    • For all ages, revoked licences increased 117% in the comparison over eight years
    • Road safety groups say more needs to be done to take unsafe
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  • scrapping a car with £400 finance still to pay ?

    My son has a car that he didn't finish the finance on , its now completely broken and won't even start . Its out of MOT and he now has another car which he is using taxed and insured.
    He's moving and the landlord needs the parking space where the car is sworn off the road , can he scrap this...
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  • alland
    started a topic Tip Of The Day -MOT

    Tip Of The Day -MOT

    Talking to a friend of mine tonight, he was telling me he had been clamped by a patrolling DVLA mobile van for no road tax on the street where he lives, he stated to them that he paid by direct debit and that was not possible, he was then told his MOT had run out (which it had.by10 days) which under...
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  • Dodgy Practices in "Can't Pay We'll Take It Away"

    I've seen a few of these programmes now, which essentially project a very fluffy image of High Court Enforcement Officers, where they are just nice compassionate people who are only doing their job.

    One tactic I've seen come up a few times is when they have sought to seize goods from...
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  • Disastra
    started a topic DVLA Changing Your Address

    DVLA Changing Your Address

    Just a little tip.

    In these days of tax being cancelled when a vehicle is transferred this is quite important.

    If you move house and return your V5C (logbook) to DVLA to make an address change don't write your name into section 6, or tick any of the boxes. Don't fill in the...
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    Last edited by Disastra; 13 July 2016, 17:29. Reason: Additonal tip

  • nick0
    started a topic DEED POLL changes.

    DEED POLL changes.

    Hi All,
    It seems that the days of doing a smart Deed Poll may be coming to an end,the UK government now
    says you can put your new name on public record by ‘enrolling’ it at the Royal Courts of Justice. This costs £36.

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  • panther12
    started a topic Handy tip for selling or taxing new car

    Handy tip for selling or taxing new car

    This might be a handy tip for anyone buying a new/2nd hand car and wants to tax it online using the new keeper V5C/2 part of the log book. I recently aquired a car from a family member and trying to do the tax online it asks for the 12 digit ref number from the V5C/2 slip. My ref number is only 11...
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  • GlobalC
    started a topic Sending Letters to my Mothers home

    Sending Letters to my Mothers home

    Hi Guys,

    GlobalC here writing from sunny and hot Asia! As some of you may remember I sold up and moved to Asia 3 months ago. On the day i got on the plane I posted a letter to all my creditors explaining that I no longer live in the UK and could no longer afford payments. I left them with...
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  • Sign away your data to Crapita or we'll stop your single person council tax discount!

    I've just come home to find this letter waiting for me.

    It's a letter demanding that I sign it to declare that I am the sole occupier of this house (which I am) and consent to let Crapita, the infamous private corporation, store my personal data and cross-check it against...
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  • Failure to Tax Vehicle - No SORN - DVLA Fine


    Not my area of expertise - however long and short of it; I sold a car in September 2014 and sent the relevant part of the V5 to DVLA - today I received a letter saying I have been fined for failing to notify them of tax / SORN. The fine is £40 if paid immediately or £80 if not....
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  • Cowboy clampers now arrive wearing DVLA badges

    Cowboy clampers now arrive wearing DVLA badges

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 18th April 2015 19:24.

    The DVLA has been accused of behaving like the worst cowboy clampers after it immobilised a car belonging to a 70-year-old woman who has...

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  • jen_br
    started a topic Baliffs and urgent help

    Baliffs and urgent help

    Hi guys hope everyone is well!! I need some advice.

    My brother in law in england has gotten into some hot water and needs to know what to do. I am visiting him at the moment in manchester.

    So his old car got done for not being SORN he sold it to a scrap yard (*2012)
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  • evilcartman
    started a topic Checking for CCJs at old address

    Checking for CCJs at old address

    Is there a way of checking for CCJs, defaults etc at an old address without giving linkage to your current address?

    I'm slightly concerned as I've been googling for updates on the Egg/Barclaycard/Marlin situation and have seen threads on other forums saying that these have started appearing...
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  • pompeyfaith
    started a topic Vehicle Tax/VED Proof

    Vehicle Tax/VED Proof

    Am sure many will be wondering the same so ill ask here to see if we can shed any light on this question.

    I took delivery of another car on friday and as the taxation class changed to disabled had to do it at post office as you cannot change taxation class online anyway this was a simple...
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