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A little help with "how to"

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  • A little help with "how to"

    I need a little help with how to get a copy of my sons "atos" report from dwp.
    I will give the story so far as soon as I have the's not too long but will need to look for dates and am in the process of getting records from hospital, Bolton and Leicester.
    Basicily, my son has been on disability with wegeners granulomatosis.
    He was first not diagnosed by his doctor.
    Then hospitalised as his lungs filled with blood. Told he would die that night unless he was excepted for experimental treatment..(aprox 2002)
    Then by helicopter to another hospital a hundred miles away for ECMO.
    He was there for a month.
    His IS is low and was put on benifits...disability I think. (I need to get info from him, he lives with ex wife.)
    In other words, if he gets ill, it can become very serious very quickly. his veins bleed into his organs..
    Anyway, he was told "fit for work" and went on to JSA.
    Last few months, they have been sending him for interviews and the usual stuff.
    He is now very ill and can not get out of bed. I will go and see DWP and see what I need to do to get him signed on the sick.

    I have just found out he is sick and will deal with docs and dwp.
    I hope to complain and get him back on disability..
    He's not lazy or work-shy, but even a common cold caught from mixing in crowds could and does knock him on his arse.

    sorry for rambling on, just a little pissed off I just found out they put him on JSA and he's sick again.

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    Re: A little help with "how to"

    Sounds awful kuma.

    I don't have any knowledge to add but I am sure someone will be along soon.

    You could PM pompeyfaith.


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      Re: A little help with "how to"

      Pompey is your best bet here. But you can SAR them; and they'd need to comply.
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        Re: A little help with "how to"

        Cheers for that, I'm seeing him tomorrow to get more info.
        He is at least up and about at the moment.
        I think as it only effects 2 people per million it's not understood properly.
        genetic as far as I know, not hereditary and not infectious.
        He is in remission for now but could just bleed into his self at any time.
        I'm sure Pompyfaith can point me in the right direction.
        He is 27 but one of those who doesn't want a fuss.....

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          Re: A little help with "how to"

          Hi Kuma,
          Yes you can SAR them, and if it was me I would do, to get everything they hold on him, but he can also phone the office that deals with his claim to specifically request a copy of the Atos report, which would be quicker.


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            Re: A little help with "how to"

            This is awful, they are putting your son through hell basically, when he has such a serious illness. Surely this kind of treatment can't be allowed to continue....

            Does this not show us the intelligence of atos, they are literally getting away with murder. They do not have the qualifications to be dealing with seriously ill people.

            I am sure pompyfaith will be able to help you, he has great knowledge of atos system.

            Good luck.x
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              Re: A little help with "how to"

              When they put him on JSA I was more than confused but he told me to leave it.
              After talking to his sister last night, She said it was a nurse not a doctor at the atos interview.
              She went with him and was told to keep quiet every time she objected to anything.
              I'll tell him to ask for a copy, take it from there.
              Most of the time now, he seems and acts sounds bad....
              It's just worrying, knowing what can happen when he gets an illness.

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                Re: A little help with "how to"

                Spoke to him today, (it's hard work, I don't think he has come to terms with how serious his condition can/will be. when his ECMO started, he was put into an induced coma for over a month so, although we did a diary for him, remembered nothing)he wasn't too good but had gone to the "job club" place to go through their on line vacancy sites.
                I have got him to make an appointment for docs tomorrow, I'll go with him.
                I was thinking first to get him on sick, then SAR. I will then have time to talk to his doctor for a letter outlining his condition. that we can send to DWP/ATOS. Also will get to see specialist who diagnosed him at hospital.
                This should give him time to get better without the need to jump through the hoops with the threats of sanctions.
                (I have been there and it's not nice. I also got sanctioned quite a few times for not just being a drone)
                Question: Will the SAR request template suffice or will it need to be altered.
                Thanks in advance

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                  Re: A little help with "how to"

                  Hi Kuma,
                  No, you need a specific SAR request for this.
                  I've dropped a note to Pompeyfaith for help as it's his speciality. If he's not around and doesn't get back to you in a day or so give me a shout and I'll sort one out for you.

                  Elsa x


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                    Re: A little help with "how to"

                    no probs. I have learned patience a long time ago.
                    I have dealt with medical records before and bank stuff but this is a little new to me.
                    I have been reading some of pompeyfaith's threads/links most of last night.

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                      Re: A little help with "how to"

                      Greetings Kuma,

                      Elsa Thank You for the PM, I am sitting here weeping at this sorry not you Kuma but the disgusting system inflicted on our most vulnerable in society.

                      There really is not any need for this treatment and it makes my blood boil because we are a 1st world nation if not for a better term.

                      Anyway lets help you:

                      You can get the ATOS[SERS] report without a SAR as they have a duty to supply it on request however as you are going to appeal you need to be on the lead foot and thus want every piece of info the DWP/ATOS hold on your son so I would go along with the others here and send of a SAR.

                      The DWP have a special form for this which can be found and printed off here:

                      DWP รข€“ request for personal information - Publications - Inside Government - GOV.UK

                      This link also contains a consent form which you will need to fill in if you will be acting on behave of your son.

                      If you write to them they will only send the above form to you anyway so far better to just the forms off now fill in and attach to a covering letter the address to use is the one at the top of the ESA refusal letter they sent you.

                      If you need anymore info please contact me via this thread if I should miss it a PM informing me you have left a post here will suffice.

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                        Re: A little help with "how to"

                        Hi Kuma,
                        Just picked up on this thread. I am sorry to read about your sons condition and although I cannot offer any technical assistance I want to wish him and your family the very best for the future.
                        When Gold isn't enough, there is SA Gold! New to the forum and find the UE route a bit scary? Take a look at my diary here and judge for yourself. I am now saving the money each month that was making little difference to the balance and not a bit of difference to my credit file as a result of finding AAD.

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                          Re: A little help with "how to"

                          Thankyou for your help PF, you're a star

                          Kuma..on the DWP SAR form, there's a blank box for further details you require.
                          I've "borrowed" this from someone to give you an idea what else to ask for:

                          Please also provide copies of all the evidence used to reach the decision regarding my application for employment and support allowance on (DATE).
                          Including but not confined to:

                          The ESA85 medical report form and any evidence as to whether the report was audited and whether any amendments were made as a result.

                          The ESA113 if one was acquired in my case

                          Any medical evidence from health professionals such as my GP or consultant.

                          Any queries, requests for clarification, correspondence, memos, emails or other
                          communications between Atos health professionals and the decision maker in relation to my claim or any notes or records of conversations between Atos and the DWP.

                          Any other evidence considered by the decision maker in reaching their decision.
                          In addition, I wish to be provided with a copy of any worksheet, score sheet or any similar
                          document which sets out which descriptors, exemptions or exceptional circumstances the decision maker considered applied and did not apply to me and any other documents which set out the justification for the decision reached in my case.
                          Elsa x


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                            Re: A little help with "how to"

                            Thanks for that.
                            Got him a sick note for a week and having blood tests.
                            Then back to docs next week for another note.
                            Also gave him some inhailers.
                            He is feeling better now. More me being protective and knowing
                            the shit they put you through at the work solutions place.
                            He just lets things roll over him.
                            Also his mother is.....lets just say...mentaly not right.
                            She has her own problems and is no help.even destroying mail..
                            More about that later...maybe we can get her an electric bobcap..

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                              Re: A little help with "how to"

                              I have had a look through the forms.
                              I think I will have the information to come here, rather than his home...
                              I will fill it in and get him to sign it.
                              When I get it back, would I be able to send a copy to Pompyfaith (before editing and posting on the site.)
                              I am assuming if we post everything up as we try to fight the decisions, in the right order. It will/may be able to help others to familiarize themselves with the process.
                              I doubt very much we are alone....

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