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  • HerefordVet
    started a topic Hereford Vets UE Diary

    Hereford Vets UE Diary

    Well here goes firstly thanks for everyones initial advice its taken a huge weight already irrelevant of the outcome! Ive started my quest to get debt free with a lot of old credits cards!

    Quick outline run up lots of debts upto 2007 due to failing business, robbed peter to pay paul and...
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  • HerefordVet
    started a topic Credit Card Debt

    Credit Card Debt


    Ive decided to stop ignoring my constant chase ups letters phone calls etc etc I am getting from unpaid credit card debt. I have around 5 old debts which i have not done anything with for years and ignored all correspodence firstly from the credit card companies and thereafter DCA....
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  • HFX C.Card from 2002 now with 1st Credit

    Hi everyone
    I'm being pursued by 1st Credit for an old HFX Ccard debt – not stat barred until August/Sept
    Haven't received Claim yet, but they have had Lester Aldridge write to me giving me 16days to pay 1st Credit etc etc

    I can upload or PM several pics here hoping for some...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic RBS pays the price for yet another scandal

    RBS pays the price for yet another scandal

    RBS pays the price for yet another scandal

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 4th February 2017 17:40 it is hit with a £68m fine in the US

    Royal Bank of Scotland has been hit with a £68m fine in the United States as it paid the price
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  • marypoppins
    started a topic Kitchen sink problem

    Kitchen sink problem


    Do any members know of any experienced kitchen installers on the forum please?

    I just need someone to take a look at a photo of the installation of a ceramic undermount sink prior to a quartz worktop going on top of it.

    I know that there is a minimum gap required...
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  • Dyomun
    started a topic Moneyway keep taking payments!

    Moneyway keep taking payments!

    So I made the last payment on my car loan on the 3rd of January. Normally the payment comes out on the first, but it was new year, so the direct debit came off late.
    That's me officially debt free now (once I stop dipping back into my overdraft each month).

    Today (31st of January,...
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  • Capital One asking for proof of income and to fill in income/expenditure form

    Hello all!

    so i used the template here to settle a balance with capital one, they rejected it and also the £1 offer a month.
    the balance is only £77.

    they sent a letter asking me to fill in the income/expenditure form which is expected but they are asking for my wage...
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  • lookingforward
    started a topic NHS Exemption

    NHS Exemption

    Hi after a bit of advice please.

    My partner and I have not received our NHS exemption cards this time around (last 6 monthly expired end Oct) and having a look at the flowchart it seems this is because at our last tax credits renewal we no longer claimed for child tax credit for the 1st...
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  • Des58
    started a topic ESA OVERPAYMENT


    Hi guys,
    I am new to the forum and looking for some advice regarding a letter I got from dwp who say I was overpaid £1500 in esa,and that its in the hands of its
    debt collection agency.I accept I was at fault for not informing dwp of any increases in my pension for...
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  • AH1992
    started a topic CIFAS MARK. Cant get basic account. HELP

    CIFAS MARK. Cant get basic account. HELP

    Hi everyone

    i have a CIFAS mark since 2012, i have another year and 3 months before it can come off. I was thinking to email the bank and kindly ask if they would remove it, apparently this was a 1st part fraud, i had a fradulent cheque paid in apparently and thats why i have the mark....
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  • nick0
    started a topic County Court Money Claims center

    County Court Money Claims center

    Hi All,
    My son is in the Army and a few years ago purchased a car for his mum on a 3yr pcp
    but after about 12 months they stopped paying it and about 4 months later I got the car and
    arranged for it to be collected by the finance company.Now the finance company asked me ...
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  • IF
    started a topic Welcome to Dantayler

    Welcome to Dantayler

    Hi Dantayler and welcome

    I am sure you will find the help you need, if we can kindly ask you to check through the following links to get used to the surroundings first:-

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  • Exclus
    started a topic What are my rights?

    What are my rights?

    We purchased a new sofa and two armchairs from our local furniture store and they were delivered 28.June 2016 (last week). The furniture is grey in colour and the scatter cushions - supplied by the manufacturer are red in colour.
    After five days we noticed that there were red marks on the armchairs...
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  • Business account being classed as overdraft not covered by EU Directive

    Hi all, I'm new please bear with me..

    ive been looking at the threads regarding the CCA and the new EU directive, I've seen Diddys very good rebuttal in the sections concerning overdrafts, my question is this, is the HSBC commercial card an overdraft? because 1st credit says it is, and...
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  • Most households have not checked credit reports, Which? warns

    Most households have not checked credit reports, Which? warns

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 21st May 2016 15:18
    Most households have never checked their own credit report, research by consumer group Which? suggests.

    Consumers can be refused loans or
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