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  • crazybeats
    started a topic Bank of Scotland credit card help

    Bank of Scotland credit card help

    I am going to go and try and speak to them in the branch tomorrow but I wanted some advice first and this seemed like a good site to start with and speak to other people. I should also say I called them tonight to explain the situation but it did not go well at all. I just want advice from others in...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic carers allowance

    carers allowance

    My dad is in a care home permanent now so my mum is on her own . She is a cancer survivor she has asthma and is bent over with age sciatica - she cannot make her own meals properly as she can't stand straight so i make them for her and i am there twice a day to make sure she has eaten and i do all her...
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    Hi i was hoping someone could give me some advice as i am thinking of moving in with the person i care for and was wondering how it would effect the persons housing benefit he gets attendance allowance and i claim carers for him any advice would be most welcome as last time i had a problem with the...
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  • Cassy
    started a topic Littlewoods Shopping Insurance

    Littlewoods Shopping Insurance

    Hello ive been reading through a few threads on here regarding littlewoods shopping insurance, and i am wondering if the shopping insurance would pay out if I needed to make a claim.
    I cant quite remember the date i opened an account at littlewoods, but it was in 2010, and I had just started...
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  • Westham1
    started a topic Virgin Mobile phone

    Virgin Mobile phone

    Yesterday my partner received a text from Virgin to say she was approaching her credit limit for the month.
    I phoned them up and was told that she had exceeded her allowance and her current bill was £95.
    When I asked what the limit was the rep told me £125.
    I was astounded to hear...
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  • Elderly relative and housing benefit


    Wonder if I could just a quick question for an elderly relative. His youngest son is moving back in with him to give him support in day to day activities as his health and mobility are not what they were. He's an OAP and currently receives housing and council tax benefit and is concerned...
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  • Statute Barred definition - is there one?

    Has the court case resolved the definition of the 'cause of action'/actual date from which SB can be determined? I may have been sleeping.

    For example payment due is an amount determined in the agreement e.g. 5% of the amount due on 16th calendar day of each month
    If you make any...
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    I am new to this site and have been looking at posts by a member called PlanB - who I am hoping with be able to help me please?

    I have my own home and another which I rent out. I rent out to people who struggle to find anywhere else as they all have difficulties but we...
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  • Disability benefit tests have doubled in cost, says NAO

    Disability benefit tests have doubled in cost, says NAO

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 9th January 2016 09:37
    Disability benefit assessments have doubled in cost to £579m a year but targets are still being missed, the National Audit Office has said.

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  • Enforcer
    started a topic Debt Relief Order

    Debt Relief Order

    Question regarding Daughters situation. Has 3 outstanding debts with Santander. Current account overdraft around £1500 Credit card debt of around £2500 and a loan of around £8000. All taken out after 2007 and therefore enforceable. Also owes arrears on electric from 2 house moves ago, and owes on...
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  • SA Gold
    started a topic ex wants more maintenance

    ex wants more maintenance

    ex has asked me for more money. now i dont want my (2) kids to be without anything and i appreciate they get more expensive as they get older and to be fair to her - she isnt the wasteful type. BUT she has recently got a new car and doesnt work anymore (married).
    So i guess what...
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  • Claiming PIP & expecting ATOS will Force us to Appeal

    Hi guys - and please move this thread if it is in the wrong place - I have a habit of sitting in the wrong seat and pressing the wrong buttons !!! I've spent a few years in these forums dealing with bank charges & PPI etc., and I like to think I'm pretty clever with that stuff - but the damage...
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  • evilcartman
    started a topic Help! Rolling two weeks of pay into one...

    Help! Rolling two weeks of pay into one...

    Can those of you with payroll experience help me with this one?

    Like a complete muppet, I forgot to submit last week's payslip for authorisation. I only remembered it this afternoon while filling out this week's and checking my balance on my smartphone app.

    Will I...
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  • cecilia
    started a topic Three one plan

    Three one plan

    Were any of you on the Three one plan that is coming to an end. I am on it, and had unlimited data. I have no landline, and no broadband at home, so would use my phone as a modem to tether, unlimited.

    Sadly this is all coming to an end, just wondered whether anyone is in the same position,...
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  • dawnlougib
    started a topic Help needed

    Help needed

    Hi I have been on here before and may very well be repeating myself but really need some advice. I am currently in an iva and this is due to end in august 2015 so not long left on it.
    The problem is during my time in the iva I have had more credit with catalogues which I know is stupid and I...
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