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Experian credit report wrong

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  • Experian credit report wrong

    Hi all, I have decided to check my credit report on experian and I have noticed In Linked Addressess part that I am link with an address I have never lived at.

    It shows up 4 times in differrent pats of it and is linked twice to an address I do not know, and shows up twice again search done at the wrong linked address as before.

    The dates are all the same (08/09/2007), the legit address is a previous address I used to live at, at the stated times and not my current address I used live at.


    Could anyone shed any light on this for me?

    Cheers Shedand
    You got to fight for your right to PARRRTIEEEE!!!

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    Re: Experian credit report wrong

    Either you or someone has used that address or been associated at it when you applied for a mobile contract with orange.

    If not you then investigate. But orange is your first port of call.
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      Re: Experian credit report wrong

      Cheers Niddy,

      I did have an orange account back then and the legit address where I used to live was my parents house untill 2012 now my brother lives there.

      I will phone orange later this week.

      Thanks Shedand.
      You got to fight for your right to PARRRTIEEEE!!!


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