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  • stuckinarut
    started a topic OVERPAID FOR 8YRS OUT OF 10 Apparently

    OVERPAID FOR 8YRS OUT OF 10 Apparently

    Evening people. got a bombshell of a letter today. 8/6/17. to the tune of £11kplus. the guy that sent the letter says we appreciate you may find it difficult to pay it back all at once (must have went to uni this guy) but if you can send the dosh to blah blah. please fone us to confirm you received...
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  • rockwell
    started a topic Claim Form

    Claim Form

    Hello All,
    Having successfully seen off Barclaycard and Cap One thanks to this forum, I have now received a CC claim form (commencing Tues 5th June) relating to care home fees owed to the local County Council and outstanding since 2013.
    The outstanding fees are for a relative and the original...
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  • Notice of issue of warrant of control

    Hi Guys, hope your all well, I've not been around for a while as all my debts have gone thanks to you guys, but my misses has a court letter as per heading, just after some advice really where to go from here and will they agree paying in instalment's, what we don't want is for them to take the car...
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  • mikethebike42
    started a topic fidèlité card!

    fidèlité card!

    Well I came home today and my sister said a man left you this envelope was trying to demand your mobile number! .

    In the envelope was a card from fidèlitè credit management saying I have to call to discuss my account.I have no idea who these people are!.

    I did have a...
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  • KKA
    started a topic Sale of Debt - CCJ

    Sale of Debt - CCJ

    Hi Guys
    Wonder if anyone can offer some advice on the following.

    In 2013 i was issued with a County Court Claim from an original debt owed from a defaulted balance - default date 2011.
    At the time i was making agreed monthly payments and my offer was to continue this at the...
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  • pipsaholic
    started a topic RBS Account Termination Letter

    RBS Account Termination Letter


    My bank has threatened me to set off my funds I hold with the bank current account and savings against any debt owed? Can they do this legally without my say so or do they require approval from the court. I don't hold bank accounts with any other creditors which I have credit cards,...
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  • Letter from Capquest re: old Capital One debt

    Hello all,

    Newbie here

    After having had no contact with Capquest for a few years, I have received a letter from them regarding an outstanding Capital One credit card debt. Although I am aware of the debt (it is a defaulted account from 2008) the letter read almost like...
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  • LeeC
    started a topic what can you claim back from store cards?

    what can you claim back from store cards?


    has anyone claimed anything back from store cards?
    if so what can you claim back?

    i know you cant claim the interest back that they charge on each statement but can you claim fees for late payments? being over credit limit?

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  • Orange mobile to the next and then the next and so so

    Not sure if I'm in the right place. Short version - moved overseas and my parents sent me a scan of a letter from Orange (22nd of hte 9th 2010) stating that I owed them 2570 pounds.

    I was overseas for some years and had no interest in this until recently as I've returned. Since then the...
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  • mgfboy
    started a topic Marlin raises it ugly head

    Marlin raises it ugly head

    I thought I had put all my debt matters behind my when my last default was removed 6 months ago. When I got home today I noticed there was a missed call and when I checked the number it was Marlin ( or what ever they are at the moment). Any debt that they may be managing is well past any chance of...
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  • Tornadotechie
    started a topic SCS faulty after delivery

    SCS faulty after delivery

    Hi there,

    I bought a sofa from SCS back in January. The sofa arrived about 6 weeks later. After delivery we noticed some damage on the sofa which was reported within a few days. They sent out a technician to look at the damage, he took photos and sent a report to SCS. I said I didn't...
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  • hoist portfolio holding 2 ltd ( howard and cohen and co ) v kevsam - Issued 22 April 2016

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    hoist portfolio holding 2 ltd

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    howard and cohen and co

    Claim Issue Date

    22 April 2016

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e.
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  • EmptyPurse
    started a topic EmptyPurse Diary

    EmptyPurse Diary

    Background Post

    I have 3 creditor accounts in default. Last payment made was April 2014 to the original creditors not DCA- which defaulted in Oct / Nov 14

    Egg/ Barclaycard / now Hoist from 2002 Balance 6.5k

    Natwest OD account opened in 1992 -approx. Balance 3.5k...
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    Last edited by EmptyPurse; 20 April 2016, 22:33. Reason: adding NW Figures

  • Credit card company to refund £4m to customers

    Credit card company to refund £4m to customers

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 24th March 2016 14:58
    Credit card firm NewDay will refund over £4m to more than 180,000 customers following disclosures made to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In 2015, NewDay reported
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  • Lowells have issued a CCJ please help

    Hi guys

    really panicking here, they're are chasing me for a vodafone account from over 6 years ago. I got in a lot of debt when i was younger but paid it all off except for debts i didn't believe i owed. this being one of them, at the time i was with vodafone i just wasnt getting...
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