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    returning gradually to a normal life now ...thanks to AAD...I'm going on my hols to France/Spain again next summer , camping and walking, and wanted a credit card which didn't charge any fees for cash withdrawals or purchases in foreign money. HSBC charged 2.99% for their debit withdrawals and 2.75% for purchases.. last year I used a post office card which only charged 2.5% for cash withdrawals (minimum fee 3) but nothing for foreign purchases but cancelled my card over a long winded dispute resolution.

    Anyway, I've seen the halifax credit card which doesn't charge at all for either purchases or cash withdrawals in foreign money - no fees.. so thought that might be a good idea, unless anyone knows anything better ? I can pay off the balance each month by setting up a bank transfer from my bank easy enough
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    Re: halifax CC- No fees...

    Really can't comment, personally after the mess that I was in, I do not ever want credit again, managed over 4 years without credit and will carry on.


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      Re: halifax CC- No fees...

      I've used this card in the past and found it very good ---->
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