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  • InvisibleMan
    started a topic Invisible Man's UE diary

    Invisible Man's UE diary

    Background to how I got into this mess:

    Around 10 years ago I had a well-paid job and a top notch credit score. I had a few credit cards I hardly used, but no outstanding debt. I went into a lone business venture for a pension pot. I borrowed heavily through bank loans. They couldn’t...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic My dad passed away this morning

    My dad passed away this morning

    He waited to be alone as we had been taking in turns for shifts and my nephew was there last night - but at 2.30 he went out for a cigarette and when he came back dad had gone .

    At 2.30 I had a dream that my dad lifted his arm and waved to me from his death bed , then i received the...
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  • Last stage of Parkinson's and dementia (my dad)

    We've been told my dad is in the last stage of his illness. He's bedridden now and has lost the ability to swallow most of the time , he isn't eating and barley drinks.

    He's in a care home and our doctor spoke to my mum about what care she would like him to receive. She decided to keep...
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  • Frosty873
    started a topic The start of a debt free life

    The start of a debt free life

    Hello all, just a little about me - my hubby and I have found ourselves in big debts altogether, and after browsing through this forum over the past few days (which has already turned out to be super helpful and supportive) we both made a decision yesterday to stop making payments in anticipation of...
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  • Please help - Single, student mum owing £3500 in housing benefit overpayment

    Hi there, I am really hoping that someone may be able to help me at all as i am so worried.

    I am a single mum and I am in my third year of my degree course. I have just received a letter that housing benefit has been overpaid to me since 2014 and i now owe them £3500! They never...
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  • HerefordVet
    started a topic Credit Card Debt

    Credit Card Debt


    Ive decided to stop ignoring my constant chase ups letters phone calls etc etc I am getting from unpaid credit card debt. I have around 5 old debts which i have not done anything with for years and ignored all correspodence firstly from the credit card companies and thereafter DCA....
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  • pipsaholic
    started a topic Moorcroft Letter?

    Moorcroft Letter?


    I sent letters to Tesco Bank asking for debt validation, deed of assignment, proof of contract they have eventually after 4 months passed onto Moorcroft sent them letter 1 got this response?

    Questions I have is

    We received the instructions in good faith from...
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  • rickybalboa
    started a topic Vanquis Default

    Vanquis Default


    I have been in financial difficulty and would be grateful for any advice received.
    I missed at least 3 payment on a vanquis credit card account and received the attached default notice.
    The default notice letter was dated 19/4/16 and they asked me to pay by 8/5/16....
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  • di30
    started a topic Hi everyone

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone.
    Long time and no speak. Am so sorry I've not been around, I have missed everyone.

    Just to keep you informed as most of you were aware of my kidney issues, I have unfortunately moved on to to stage 4 CKD, but it's been steady over the last 2 lots of bloods, however if...
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  • Can category 6/first party fraud marker be removed


    This will probably be a long post as I want to be as informative as possible.

    If anyone could help that would be great.

    My first ever bank account was with Halifax which my mum set up for me however in December 2011 I switched my account to Lloyds TSB because...
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic Cloggy - AAD Moderator Passing

    Cloggy - AAD Moderator Passing

    It's with great sadness that I'm letting you know about our very dear friend and colleague, Cloggy (AKA Paul) who sadly passed away recently (13/11/16).

    There is a just giving page for anyone who'd like to give to his chosen charity as well as a few words within the article itself. ...
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  • What is likely to happen when i let the bank know i am self employed?

    long time no see, or rather read! Life keeps getting in the way of many things for me at the moment!

    Glad to see all is well.

    What is likely to happen when <cough> i tell the bank i am now self employed? Other than them wanting to charge me for drawing...
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  • Civil service classic pension early release of pension due to ill health

    Are there any pension experts? I'm just starting stage two of appeal for my pension on ill health. Stage one was refused even though I have medical evidence to prove my problems permanent, they are still using their opinion that it's not.
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  • lookingforward
    started a topic NHS Exemption

    NHS Exemption

    Hi after a bit of advice please.

    My partner and I have not received our NHS exemption cards this time around (last 6 monthly expired end Oct) and having a look at the flowchart it seems this is because at our last tax credits renewal we no longer claimed for child tax credit for the 1st...
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  • Octagon
    started a topic Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Hi all, looking for some info and advice here. I live in Scotland. In 2008 I was granted finance for a car that was beyond my means. However I was 18, naive and keen to get on the road with my own set of wheels so went ahead. In 2010 I hit a rocky road, issues with work and personal life. It lead me...
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