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    Hello Lovely people.... I would like to find out if I paid PPI on any of my loans, credit cards. I was convinced I hadn't but when dealing with a court claim with excellent help from members I found to my delight I had back in 2004 paid 900 in PPI.

    I'd like to write to all my old loans/card people and find out if I paid anything. Is there a specific form or is it the one I've used before

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    Re: PPI

    You would only do it on accounts that you definitely do not owe money on - and to start the process you send off a SAR (in the templates) with 10 to each and from that you'll get all the info you need.

    Regardless whether you had PPi or not in the past, it does not mean it was missold or that you weren't eligible so don't presume you'll be rich overnight, sadly it is never that easy. If you're in debt on an account with PPi then by reclaiming all they'll do is reduce the debt.

    Just be careful how you do things so as not to awaken sleeping dogs etc
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