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    I am due in court next month. I am being chased for close to £11k for a pre-2007 credit card account. After 3 years and the three letters and estoppel, the debt collectors refused to give me any documentation, even after they brought a case against me in the County Court. I defended, and the case was...
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Zeppelin's UE Diary

    Zeppelin's UE Diary


    Some of the UE Diaries start with some background whilst others don't seem to but I reckoned I should provide some background, partly as it might help other forum readers and partly to give Niddy and the other advisers relevant background details on specific debts.

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  • Credit Card Debts...Advice Please

    Good Evening, I am posting on behalf of my daughter who is now in the middle of her financial settlement, and needing my support. Without going into the details, during her marriage she built up debt with three credit cards, all part of the marital problems at the time. However its reached a point now...
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    Good morning,

    I am trying to help my Son - he has an outstanding invoice from a customer who is point bank refusing to pay for several tons of pea gravel - the total outstanding is over £6K!

    The building supplier is aware of her stance but ultimately I think my Son is liable.....he...
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  • LeeC
    started a topic Pounds to Pocket

    Pounds to Pocket

    anyone received this email response when trying to claim back interest on a loan:

    Customer ########

    Thank you for contacting Pounds to Pocket. The contents of your email were duly noted. We apologise if there was any delay in responding to your complaint....
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  • Balleriana
    started a topic Natwest advantage gold account

    Natwest advantage gold account

    I am trying to find out if anyone does know what were the benefits that Natwest had in their advantage gold account. Also when did they introduce car breakdown to their benefits. Was it included when the bank first had advantage gold account.
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  • Dantayler
    started a topic Payday loans - My journey

    Payday loans - My journey


    This is the first time I have ever posted on a forum so forgive me if I get things wrong.
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to post advice for other people's benefit. I have researched for many hours the various posts before finally taking the plunge...
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  • blueforyou
    started a topic RBS sold account to Mint

    RBS sold account to Mint

    Hello, I've updated my diary to include the fact that I've just recieved a letter from RBS saying my Mint account to Cabot. This is after 4+ years of not hearing anything (see diary). Do I start the request for CCA again?. I'm SB from December this year......
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  • Wife's letter threatening Howard Cohen from Robinson Way

    My wife has received a letter from Robinson Way giving her 10 days to come to a repayment agreement for her Barclaycard account or they will put in the hands of Cohen for legal action. We sent for the CCA some time ago and received the usual T&Cs and nothing resembling an actual agreement from Barclaycard...
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  • mo444
    started a topic capital one £3500 debt

    capital one £3500 debt

    I'm just looking for advice.I have 3500 on a capital one credit card with no hope of repaying.I have a 6 month agreement paying £5 a month.Will I be able to continue with this long term? Do I fill in form every 6 months or just ignore it and continue to pay . will it goto debt collection..Will I be...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Advice required

    Advice required

    I am currently on a DMP and have had £6749.47 refunded in interest from Tesco Bank as during my DMP they failed to supply me with a notice of sum in arrears in accordance with the CCA.This got me thinking about other debts on my plan which are mainly credit card debt with the odd pay day loan and energy...
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  • Consumer Credit Regulations 1983 3(2)b


    I'd appreciate any clarification of this.

    The Halifax have sent me a photocopy of a Credit Card Agreement which appears to have my dated signature on, however the signature/date space on behalf of Halifax plc is blank. The letter from Halifax states the following:
    The copy
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic Start of my diary

    Start of my diary

    I am about to start my CCA quest. More info to follow.
    Where I am at the moment, I have sent some requests off to test the water.

    At the moment received three replies, two of which have proved unenforceable according to Niddy. One for NEXT and one for Barclaycard (my wife). I also...
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  • davidm
    started a topic CAPITOL ONE Vs MYSELF


    original thread here
    have started this new thread because the other thread is mixed up ,have done the CCA posted up the reply [POST 14] on the link ,which niddy says was UE...
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  • morris83
    started a topic Natwest Credit Card Default

    Natwest Credit Card Default

    Hi All I hope this is in the right location
    Okay so i have a Natwest Credit card and have owned it for around 2 years. Payments always up to date until i lost my job owing £2000. I started a thread (Tesco Loan cannot afford) so i used some letter templates from that.
    I therefore in June...
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