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  • eburton
    started a topic Littlewoods extra care advantage

    Littlewoods extra care advantage

    Hi I have been told today that extra care advantage is a form of PPI payment is this correct ? If so i have had an open account with littlewoods since about 1995. I can not remember signing up to any form of payment protection insurance i do not have any paperwork from when i opened the account in 95....
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  • snowy
    started a topic Wageday Advance email contact details

    Wageday Advance email contact details


    Strange question this but does anyone have any emails you have kept from Wageday Advance from circa 2011 to 2013 at all?

    I just need the header details from the bottom of the emails for a Payday Loan complaint I have with them.
    Im aware they have changed offices in...
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  • Little woods extra care 500 after account been sold to a dca

    Hi people from looking at previous posts I decided to double check through my sar request from littlewoods and found that I had this extra care 500, payments were taken of various amounts a month until I defaulted on the payments. Just at a glance the amount comes to about £1100. My question is as...
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  • ABF
    started a topic NetWest sent me my details ...

    NetWest sent me my details ...

    NatWest sent me my old, & long forgotten, details when I put in a PPI claim ... I know that there was no PPI on the account itself, BUT I had LOADS of VERY hefty charges on there when it was active ... is it worth a letter reclaiming, PLUS the long forgotten interest? Time frame is 1989 - 1999...
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  • cardiac arrest
    started a topic reclaiming tax

    reclaiming tax

    I'm trying to help out a friend who is in receipt of just a state pension but has several savings accounts.

    As far as I can see her income is below the threshold of 15,600 but has been paying tax on her savings schemes with her bank.

    She states she told the Bank some years...
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  • sad
    started a topic American Express

    American Express


    I paid my Amex card off about ten years ago but I can't find any statements!
    I've still got my membership number but I can't remember if I paid PPI!

    Can I sill claim and how can I find out if I paid PPI?

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  • Getting Sorted
    started a topic Help please!

    Help please!

    Hi Everyone

    Where to start!

    My other half when he was younger and a bit silly got himself into debt - following your guidance on the other site he followed years ago, he's established that 2 of them are more more than likely unenforceable but one we are not so sure of. The...
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  • Debbs
    started a topic PPI


    Hello Lovely people.... I would like to find out if I paid PPI on any of my loans, credit cards. I was convinced I hadn't but when dealing with a court claim with excellent help from members I found to my delight I had back in 2004 paid £900 in PPI.

    I'd like to write to all my old loans/card...
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  • Natwest Adv Gold mis-sold packaged account - Dismissed as out of time!

    I thought I'd have a go at reclaiming for a mis-sold Natwest Advantage Gold packaged account on behalf of my Brother. I've posted below the complaint letter that was sent and the banks reply which I have just been handed.

    They have dismissed the claim as they say it falls outside the...
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  • MattyA
    started a topic HSBC packaged account

    HSBC packaged account


    Just been checking through my old files and note that my old and still current account was a packaged account via Midland bank , now HSBC.
    the account was an Orchard account and included overdraft and credit card , for a monthly fee.
    I have read that these were another case...
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  • realfedup
    started a topic Lloyds really old PPI's

    Lloyds really old PPI's


    had my Sars come back and show up some PPI's on loans from the late 1990's. Not large amounts, but definite miss selling went on. as soon as i nearly paid off one loan, the bank called me in to talk about my account review and i ended up leaving the meeting with another loan!! the...
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  • Card Protection Policies (CPP) - We're STILL Being Scammed !!!

    I have seen several other CPP reclaim threads here, but am starting my own, as it may be of interest to those who have received refunds from CPP Ltd. - who were ordered by the FCA to repay the premiums they received. Other CPP firms (eg., Sentinel, etc) may also be involved. CPP was recognised as a...
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  • Debenhams Store Card PPi, already rejected by Santander

    I'm new to the forum so please feel free to direct me to the correct place!

    I have received a rejection letter from Santander regarding my Debenhams Store Card PPI. They say I opened the card instore on 19 October 1994 and that the PPI cover was taken out over the phone on 23...
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  • oscar
    started a topic Welcome Finance

    Welcome Finance

    Family member had a loan with Welcome Finance, which was cleared 9 years ago.

    They have the date this payment was made, but no details of the actual loan itself.

    They know they had PPI on the account, but who would they claim to with Welcome being defunct and would they likely...
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  • darkred
    started a topic Default Notice and PPI Refund

    Default Notice and PPI Refund

    Can anyone help out with this.
    What is the situation where a credit card company has issued a default notice. The account is subsequently assigned to a DCA who has issued a claim.
    In the meantime, the credit card company has upheld a PPI complaint and refunded the premiums and interest to...
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