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Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

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  • Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

    I came across your forum and hope you are able help.
    I tried searching on your blog but could not find anything specific to my issue.
    I am waiting on Nationwide ringing me back this evening, so I am hoping you have time to respond to me before then
    I understand you are busy and unlikely to have the time, but thought I would try.

    I have a long running issue with Nationwide Building Society in regards to an old credit card debt.
    I had debt problems back in 2009 which were resolved, initially through a debt management company and then by myself when I lost confidence in the way the debt management company were handling my case, as they caused me to go into default on debts even though that was not my intention. I can now understand their reasoning, but it was a shock to the system back then.
    I recently sent a letter to Nationwide asking for a partial settlement to be removed from my records as it is linked to a default notice on the account in 2009, and hence should have dropped of my records given the 6 year rule.
    I had an agreement to pay in place from the default notice until the partial settlement was offered to me, and according to my Noddle record the account was still showing in default at the time of the partial settlement being made.
    Nationwide replied that they will not remove the partial settlement and default records until 2018, as the partial settlement was in January 2012, even though it is for the account which has the default over 6 years ago.
    I rang them after the letter they sent, and the response I got was that they have lost my letter to them, and they are insistent that the partial settlement is not linked to the default notice so they are refusing to remove it.
    I have investigated a number of advice sites and I can see that if the partial settlement is linked to the defaulted account, then it should drop off my records 6 years after the original default date and not 6 years after the partial settlement.

    I am very frustrated by Nationwide's unwillingness to remove the partial settlement from my records, and their insistence it is 'not linked' to the default, as this has been hanging over my head since 2009, and is still causing me credit problems in that I cannot even get approved for a mobile on contract.

    I would welcome your view.

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

    I am noo help, but I hope you get this sorted. Arrangement to pay markers really do need something doing about them, as it means that on the credit reports someone paying the debt has bad credit markers for many years after a default would have gone
    When you have nothing you have nothing to lose


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      Re: Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

      welcome to AAD

      a DMP company will always put you into default, if they didn't explain this, they should have. Who was it with, was it a paid for company?

      The default should fall off your record after 6 years, what date did it first appear? If the debt has been sold on, the original default still stands but the next DCA along will put their name on it, they cannot alter the date though.

      I presume you then had a n arrangement to pay with them? after the default and they started to report that as AP? this may be where you have an argument.
      it's hard, not very fair but an ongoing problem with banks and DCAs they are not too sure of the law and try to make it up as they go. Sounds if they may have a little doubt in their stance as they are saying they've lost the letter..........presume you have a opy?
      doesn't matter if it is linked to a default, the default was there lawfully as you did default on your agreement.
      let us know how you get on, and in future everything, everything in writing,phonecalls shouldn't happen.


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        Re: Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

        Hi All
        Thank you for the quick replies.
        Yes I have a copy of the letter they say they lost.
        I had a successful phone call with Nationwide this evening, and they have now agreed the remaining records should have been taken off my credit history and are removing them for me now.
        I am so glad it is sorted now.
        I will keep an eye on it and hope that my credit history will be back to a clean slate within the next few weeks


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          Re: Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

          so glad you manage to sort it out. Nationwide defaulted me years ago then when that default dropped off my creditfile they applied a new one, took me weeks of emails to get it removed, at one point they said there was no default issued many moons ago, but had to admit they were wrong when I said I had a copy of the original and if it wasn't removed I would take legal advice. bingo! and some compo off them as n apology.
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            Re: Nationwide unwilling to correcting credit history around partial settlement

            I've just answered this on another thread funnily enough! ->

            Luckily for NW they did agree to sort it cos they're talking rubbish. Once you've been defaulted all they can do is update the ORIGINAL entry from default outstanding to partially settled. The date remains the same as the original entry. You can only be defaulted once, the date cannot ever change as it happened when it happened. Who cares what happens post default, the entry stays. End of. No discussion.

            If they don't remove it then let us know and we'll help you sort it with some compo hopefully.
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