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  • Start of my unenforceabilty journey

    So, in February I sent out CCA requests to all of our creditors. So far two have responded with copy agreements: Both are...

    Credit cards
    One commenced in 1994 and one in 2006 (my husbands)
    Mine has about 1700 (the 1994 one), husbands has about 7200
    Last full payments...
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  • marypoppins
    started a topic Mint - Wescot

    Mint - Wescot

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for anyone's experience with Wescot.

    Long story short - this is my husbands cc and had a balance of approx 9k and because we thought it enforceable (we used a different site at the time so it may be questionable!), he continued to pay an agreed monthly...
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  • sebaab
    started a topic Help Needed Cowboy Builder Threatening Court

    Help Needed Cowboy Builder Threatening Court

    I need help as I am in the unfortunate position of being in dispute with a builder who was doing a building job for me. I sacked him before he finished the work because he is incompetent. Not only that but he lied to me, didn't turn up most days, had a near miss involving a neighbour and generally...
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  • credit file and UE debts question please

    It's about nine years since we had problems paying our debts - first we had a dmp and paid through them and then in 2012 July we joined here and doing the UE route .

    My question is this and i think i asked it before but not the same way lo.
    If our debts are now UE but not yet SB do...
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  • marypoppins
    started a topic Kitchen sink problem

    Kitchen sink problem


    Do any members know of any experienced kitchen installers on the forum please?

    I just need someone to take a look at a photo of the installation of a ceramic undermount sink prior to a quartz worktop going on top of it.

    I know that there is a minimum gap required...
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  • Credit Card Debts...Advice Please

    Good Evening, I am posting on behalf of my daughter who is now in the middle of her financial settlement, and needing my support. Without going into the details, during her marriage she built up debt with three credit cards, all part of the marital problems at the time. However its reached a point now...
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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Debt problems - Any Ideas

    Debt problems - Any Ideas

    Hi, hope everyone is well

    Any advice thought on the below would be much appreciated and I know I'm in the right place to receive it

    Basically I'm still going through a UE journey now 5 years on and all is quiet with this, but now find myself in a new predicament

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  • JLC
    started a topic Huel


    Anyone tried huel for weightloss?
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  • nanna58
    started a topic Happy new year to all

    Happy new year to all

    Let's hope we all have a happy and very healthy new year .
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Considering parents moving in

    Considering parents moving in

    As my parents disability is getting worse especially with my dad's Parkinson's nearing the advanced stages - we have talked about them moving in with us - we have 3 spare rooms and a spare bathroom .

    I'm not so sure though because my dad is awake most of the night and then there is the...
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  • jmmc
    started a topic Lowell Portfolio / Orange Mobile UK debt

    Lowell Portfolio / Orange Mobile UK debt

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Joao and I am new in the forum, so Hi to everyone. Hope you guys can help me with this not so new issue.
    I looked on google and it seems a lot of people had problems with Orange and Lowell before, but I can't get the right answer for my problem.
    I was...
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  • Civil service classic pension early release of pension due to ill health

    Are there any pension experts? I'm just starting stage two of appeal for my pension on ill health. Stage one was refused even though I have medical evidence to prove my problems permanent, they are still using their opinion that it's not.
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  • Johng27
    started a topic Johng27 - My diary

    Johng27 - My diary

    I have been a member of the forum for a few weeks now and I would like to thank everyone who has given excellent support and guidance in my initial findings phase.

    I started a thread at but am now going...
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  • newbie,, multiple defaults, had my head in the sand

    hi All, i have started to address my problems and hope i can find help here.

    i have a few defaults on my credit report, so far i have done as follows:

    Link financial (mbna original 11000), requested docs under CCA77/78 with 1, they replied saying neither they nor MBNA can...
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  • Tornadotechie
    started a topic SCS faulty after delivery

    SCS faulty after delivery

    Hi there,

    I bought a sofa from SCS back in January. The sofa arrived about 6 weeks later. After delivery we noticed some damage on the sofa which was reported within a few days. They sent out a technician to look at the damage, he took photos and sent a report to SCS. I said I didn't...
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