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  • 80 fee

    A friend contacted a credit agency that finds loans for people. she agreed verbally on the phone to terms and conditions.

    they took 80 from her bank account. without her permission.

    who should get the complaint? FOS

    what chance of getting money back.. complain to bank etc ?

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    Re: 80 fee

    This happened to me, under the distance selling regs or something like that, you're allowed to request a refund of the full amount and they have to refund you. Mine was for 39.99, but they messed me around, I showed proof to my bank that they said I'd get it back and they did it via visa disputes.

    Contact her bank, tell them, if they say raise a dispute first, then email the company, if no avail then go back to her bank. Whole process will take about 30 days. Depends on who you bank with, but Nationwide were brilliant with me and put my money back in immediately. FOS won't do much as she's agreed to the Ts&Cs which would have said they charge a brokerage fee. However 80 sounds a lot to charge. Most charge 30-40.

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