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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Wonga customers have been cast aside, MPs say

    Wonga customers have been cast aside, MPs say

    City watchdog FCA chose in 2016 to exclude short term credit firms like Wonga from the government's financial compensation scheme.

    MPs are calling for government intervention as thousands of Wonga customers seeking compensation from the collapsed payday lender have been left in financial limbo because...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post FCA warns of enforcement action over complaints policies

    FCA warns of enforcement action over complaints policies

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned enforcement action will be taken against consumer credit firms who are seriously failing to comply with its complaints policy. In a ‘Dear CEO’ letter published by the watchdog last week (September 13), it was revealed the FCA has carried out complaints...
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  • bosdog
    started a topic Default removal

    Default removal

    Hi all
    I was wondering if there is any way I can get a default removed from my file. I had a debt that was last paid in early 2008 but it was not defaulted until the end of 2011.
    Eventually it got handed to a DCA who have confirmed it as statute barred. My credit file was last updated with...
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  • U markers on credit file for 5 years

    Afternoon everyone I have a question regarding a littlewoods account. I was paying through a dmp for over 10 years until last month which I am now going down the UN route, All of my defaulted accounts have dropped off my credit file but I have noticed that this account has over 5 years of the U code...
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  • mareen
    started a topic Transferring Debt to liable person

    Transferring Debt to liable person

    Hello All,

    New person here, sorry if i come across as not doing proper search.

    I have two debts in my credit history due to my family members (Mother and Sister) buying a lot of catalogue items (Isme and Very) under my name and paid it with my debit card (I have given my debit...
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  • Info re defaults logged with credit ref agencies whilst an account remains unenforceable

    Hi all,

    Stumbled upon this today, which is an interesting report on a successful appeal clarifying legal status of creditors listing defaults with credit referencing agencies when an account is recognised as wholly unenforceable. I assume that also includes SB which in itself legally...
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  • Claims management firms take quarter of PPI payouts

    Claims management firms take quarter of PPI payouts

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 24th February 2016 08:28
    Claims management firms have taken almost a quarter of the £22.2bn paid out for payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation.
    The National Audit
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic PPI Claim Help/Advice

    PPI Claim Help/Advice


    I am sure this question has been posted many times before. If it has could I be pointed to the appropriate thread?

    Myself and wife have got ourselves in a bit of a mess financially.

    I am finally getting around to tackling PPI, unfortunately all our accounts...
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  • mas66
    started a topic Bad Broker Advice

    Bad Broker Advice

    I took out a secured loan of £23500 on a variable rate via a broker in December 2006.After a few years of the interest rates rising subsequently so did my payments, which is understandable. However after numerous interest rate reductions my payments have never been reduced by as little as 1p.
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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Idem servicing

    Idem servicing

    Hi all, hope things are ok with you...
    I have a debt that was originally with Mint, it went to court, i was very inexperienced back then and ended up with a CCJ and charging order on my house.
    It was set at the hearing that i should pay £150 per month on the debt, which then stood at £18000,...
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  • Bilbo
    started a topic Unenforceable?


    I have an unregulated loan with Firstplus for £73,000 and got my PPI paid back to reduce my loan amount which gave me a couple of issues. Firstly, I never wanted it paid back to reduce my amount but I never had that option, secondly, I have only signed the loan agreement once so was it the loan I signed...
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  • nightwatch
    started a topic Barclaycard recording SB debt as up to date

    Barclaycard recording SB debt as up to date

    I received an email alert from equifax that my credit file had a new entry, on checking it I found that there was a Barclaycard master loan registered on it as upto date and saying payments had been made since jan of this year.
    i have not made a payment to this account since may 2009, I requested...
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  • SXGuy
    started a topic HSBC advance monthly charges

    HSBC advance monthly charges

    Does anyone know what the monthly charges of 12.95 entitled you to? I've got my sar back but there was nothing which included a breakdown of what you got for the monthly fee other than overdraft facility. I know there was things like phone insurance but can't remember what else.?
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  • Admax
    started a topic Wescot Shenanigans...

    Wescot Shenanigans...

    Hi All...

    I'll try to be as brief as I can with this one

    In may 2012 I closed my business and was left with a number of debts. One of them was a Barclays Bank business overdraft of £10,000 for which I was a personal guarantor. When the business closed, I contacted Barclays...
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  • More Than 'cancelled' auto-renewed insurance that I never even agreed to

    I've just come back from a weekend break to find a moronic letter from More Th>n stating that they've "cancelled [my] home insurance policy from 27/06/2015. This was because you didn't pay the premium to renew it, before the end date we gave you."

    Well, that's big of them,...
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