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  • shaun196809
    started a topic Link Financial

    Link Financial

    Hi there,

    Have an outstanding debt of £4k with Link Financials.

    I requested a copy of my credit agreement on the 24th April and they responded on the 27th April to state that they didn't hold the information but would request from Barclaycard. They stated that this could...
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  • rgally64
    started a topic Paying council direct

    Paying council direct

    Hello all tried to settle an old Pcn from the council after a visit from the bailiffs they sent my cheque back and also blocked my payment online I thought I had a right to avoid the bailiff and settle with the creditor direct
    Many thanks
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  • Notice of issue of warrant of control

    Hi Guys, hope your all well, I've not been around for a while as all my debts have gone thanks to you guys, but my misses has a court letter as per heading, just after some advice really where to go from here and will they agree paying in instalment's, what we don't want is for them to take the car...
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  • Glenzo
    started a topic SCS - carpet issues

    SCS - carpet issues


    I wondered if anyone can offer some advice?

    I a moving to a newly built house- due to get keys /complete on April 28th. I ordered (and paid for in full) a new carpet back in the January sales but have now got an issue that the house (which i have...
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  • alianza
    started a topic CCA response

    CCA response

    Hi , new here , someone recommended this site.

    I got into debt after a divorce and was in a DMP. I stopped paying the DMP in October as the company was no longer able to operate so have decided to sort stuff out myself. I sent off some CCA requests to three debts and have had back a couple...
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  • julian
    started a topic Summons for Magistrates Court

    Summons for Magistrates Court

    A bit unusual and not much info found. Has anybody any pointers?

    A colleague has had some work done on a party wall, with an agreed Party Wall surveyor. Unfortunately, last minute costs have been awarded to a neighbour with additional costs for the surveyor. There is no breakdown of costs,...
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  • Moorcroft and Wescot are not the DP

    Five of my accounts are with Moorcroft and another two with Wescot. I sent CCA request letters for all of them recently and have received replies which in all cases say .... "in line with our client's procedure you are required to contact our client directly..." or .. "we are not the...
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    I am due in court next month. I am being chased for close to £11k for a pre-2007 credit card account. After 3 years and the three letters and estoppel, the debt collectors refused to give me any documentation, even after they brought a case against me in the County Court. I defended, and the case was...
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Reconstituted Agreements

    Reconstituted Agreements

    I've been reading the excellent AAD guide to UE as a result of which I think I've got a better understanding of most aspects of UE, or so I thought at first! I'm sure I read somewhere that for Pre-April 2007 credit card accounts reconstituted agreements are NOT "valid,true copies and unacceptable"....
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  • HerefordVet
    started a topic Credit Card Debt

    Credit Card Debt


    Ive decided to stop ignoring my constant chase ups letters phone calls etc etc I am getting from unpaid credit card debt. I have around 5 old debts which i have not done anything with for years and ignored all correspodence firstly from the credit card companies and thereafter DCA....
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Zeppelin's UE Diary

    Zeppelin's UE Diary


    Some of the UE Diaries start with some background whilst others don't seem to but I reckoned I should provide some background, partly as it might help other forum readers and partly to give Niddy and the other advisers relevant background details on specific debts.

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    Last edited by Zeppelin; 19 February 2017, 09:08.

  • Ashtanga
    started a topic Joint Owned...court now?

    Joint Owned...court now?

    Hi everyone,

    I am aware that there is lots of stuff out there regarding this. But every case has its unique peculiarities eh?

    Joint owned. She left around 8 years ago.

    Not seen ex partner for 8 years over which period I paid the mortgage on the dot - never left...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic checking credit file

    checking credit file

    I want to know when any defaults were recorded - is it a bad idea to check ?
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  • eburton
    started a topic Littlewoods extra care advantage

    Littlewoods extra care advantage

    Hi I have been told today that extra care advantage is a form of PPI payment is this correct ? If so i have had an open account with littlewoods since about 1995. I can not remember signing up to any form of payment protection insurance i do not have any paperwork from when i opened the account in 95....
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  • Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd ( Howard Cohen ) v Clairebear - Issued 10 January 2017

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Howard Cohen

    Claim Issue Date

    10 January 2017

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e. Joe
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