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  • onesteptoofar Council Tax Issue

    Hi Niddy,

    Apologies i haven't been on here much and have taken so long to reply. I haven't received any letters from any DCA's in weeks/months. Your last templates have really slowed them up

    Anyways...another problem...

    I rented a flat Nov 2009 - Nov 2010. Council Tax got on top of me at the time, I had court summons, baliffs on the doorstep etc.. In Nov 2010 I was due to move out so contacted the council and the baliffs. I had some money, so settled the 09-10 bill in full and paid token amounts 100, and 50 towards the 10-11 bill.

    The baliffs were collecting for the full year 2010-2011...obviously as i was moving out i was never going to pay that much, so i wrote to the council and asked to pay the pro rata amount in full.

    I called the council and asked to pay the balance once i'd written to them but they said i needed to deal with the baliffs. I spoke to the baliffs and they said they hadn't received confirmation of the pro rata amount as yet (early Nov 2010).

    I said, as soon as they had confirmation of the full amount, to call or contact me at my parents address and i would settle up immediately. I heard nothing from phonecalls, letters, nothing.

    Until Wednesday...the baliff turned up at my elderley mothers house demanding money in full immediately (which is fine if i were there...but my mother can't handle stuff like this...)

    I received the call from an irate mother with a skinhead bouncer-like baliff to hand... said i'd settle up in full in a couple of days once i'd had chance to gather some money.

    The problem i have... I am disputing the amount. I want to pay £700...but they are trying to collect £740. Basically, they are charging me for turning up to collect despite never sending any letters or calling once since November!

    I have the money and want to pay in full but i'm not paying a calling fee when they have never sent a letter or called to advise what i owed after i requested them to.

    Any advice how i can get them to settle up the correct amount? (He is calling back on Monday after speaking to his head office. Do i have any case to argue or will i just have to pay?)

    PS - He cannot turn up at my mothers house again.

    PPS - When i spoke to Rossendales head office they were as much use as a chocolate fireguard, their manager was not in, they suggested i did a SAR request for £10...then said "the baliff has noted a car on the drive.." my mothers car and nothing at all to do with me!


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    Re: onesteptoofar UE Diary

    The £700 was the correct amount advised i'd owe in Nov when speaking to the council.

    The address the baliff had on his hand delivered note was full of spelling mistakes and had the wrong house name.

    With this fresh in my mind i could raise £5k+ to try to settle up all my other debts. Anything to prevent future guest appearances by baliffs at my mothers..

    If you think it's the way to go I could start afresh, and i'll list the debts/their statuses again to make things clean and easier to follow.

    If not, and not receiving any contact is normal, and fine, then i'm happy to continue this way.

    Any advice is much appreciated as usual.

    Take care



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      Re: onesteptoofar Council Tax Issue


      I called the baliff, explained that i disputed the amount he was demanding. He was adamant i owed 740.

      I called the head office and they were useless. Also adamant i owed 740.

      I dug my heels in and the baliff said he would speak to his head office and the council and get back to me.

      He got back to me and after much too'ing and fro'ing it turned out i owed 520 !

      I have now paid this in full and can move on.

      (Mother is still livid at having the baliffs rock up at her house unannounced..)

      It just shows, don't just start paying the baliffs, always have the amounts checked and checked again. Bunch of ****!