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  • LeeC
    started a topic Ferratum - claiming back interest charges

    Ferratum - claiming back interest charges

    Hello all

    has anyone had any dealings with Ferratum?

    i like many people have gotten into the cycle of taking multiple payday loans out to pay another back and to make ends meet ending up in a debt spiral so im amazed that this company state on their website FAQs "...
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  • New 0845 mobile phone scam charges customers

    New 0845 mobile phone scam charges customers

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 27th April 2016 18:50
    .........£300 for calls they don't make

    A sophisticated new mobile phone scam is charging customers hundreds of pounds for calls they don't make. Victims
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    Here's the list of proposed closures:-


    Bow County Court
    Feltham Magistrates’ Court
    Greenwich Magistrates’ Court
    Hammersmith County Court (formerly West London County Court)
    Lambeth County Court
    Pocock Street...
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  • Last account statute barred yesterday.

    Hi all, My last account is now stat barred. Thank you to everybody who helped me on here and on other sites.
    I had well over 100k of debt in 2005 and thought bankruptcy or an IVA was the only solution. Tried agreeing payments with everybody until Marlin brought 2 HSBC accounts, they were totally...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Mortgage provider phones every month

    Mortgage provider phones every month

    We had arrears and we were paying it back at £30 a month, that finished last November and we were really proud to have paid it back , anyway when we went on the website to pay the monthly payment we noticed that the £30 arrears was still on there, husband phoned and asked why and they said it was...
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  • Bill-K
    started a topic Credit Cards when Disability Hits Us (2) - Aqua

    Credit Cards when Disability Hits Us (2) - Aqua

    Starting a thread here for my Aqua credit card, which I am now unable to repay due to the onset of my wife's debilitating illness over the past year or two. The initial story starts in my other thread here, and involves two card accounts:-
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  • Atieno
    started a topic Arrow Global (Shoosmiths) v Atieno (Scotland)

    Arrow Global (Shoosmiths) v Atieno (Scotland)

    Hey guys and girls,

    Sorry if im posting in the wrong place, abit confused as to where to put this, but im a bit lost on this issue at the mo.

    Firstly I should start with, I live in Scotland. I have a student overdraft standing at £1,800 from 2010. (date of default on account...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic ebay problem

    ebay problem

    Didn't know where to put this but here goes .

    Can anyone advise please, i bought an item on ebay last July it wasn't suitable so i returned it and the seller promised to refund the postage, they did not refund it , i opened a case with ebay who promised me a £3 voucher as compensation,...
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  • Curlyben
    started a topic Some current guidance

    Some current guidance

    Yep, the titles correct CB needs some advice.
    Hey not been fully involved in the whole DCA game for ages, so need to get back up to speed.

    Helping a friend with a Cabot debt.
    Passed around a number of DCA's and ended up with Cabot and farmed to Mortimer Clark who actually started...
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  • loring
    started a topic Assured Tenancy Agreement Terms

    Assured Tenancy Agreement Terms

    I recently signed up to an Assured Tenancy Agreement for a flat in a retirement development and I have a few queries relating to Terms and Conditions in the agreement and queries since imposed by the letting agent. I can find lots of information on Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements but nothing on...
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  • marypoppins
    started a topic Capital One - Lowells

    Capital One - Lowells

    I'm starting this new thread with a very brief history and will add to it after I have spent the next few days going through it.

    CCA request sent in April 09, received just a generic paper of current T & C's

    Account put into dispute and payments stopped in June 09.
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  • The Tech Clerk
    started a topic WONGA & THEY ARE STILL TRADING???


    BC Business Live

      The Financial Conduct Authority says payday lender Wonga will not face criminal action after being found to have invented fictitious law firms and sent letters threatening legal action to customers in arrears. Wonga must pay £2.6m in compensation.
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  • SaltnVinegar
    started a topic Payday Loan Issues quiet on forums

    Payday Loan Issues quiet on forums

    Hi All

    I've noticed the last 4-5 months that there are (relatively) few PDL problems on the forum (and others who I try to redirect here). Perhaps it could be that the FCA are getting something right and the close inspection of the PDL industry is causing the big lenders to 'behave'....
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  • Could I possibly have some advice with a default notice received?

    Hi people, I was an old member and used to follow a thread on another forum on which NID helped me with some unenforceable agreements. I can't find any logins so i'll start a fresh.

    As for this one, it is for a Pitney Bowes Purhase power account.
    I was a sole trader and the account...
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  • cookie2112
    started a topic Virgin/MBNA PPI

    Virgin/MBNA PPI

    Thought I should start a thread on this, don't know how this reclaim is going to go!!!

    Took out the card approx Nov 2008 and only ever used it to transfer balances when the were offering 0% deals, had a DD set up and basically left it alone. Checked on the account in 2010 and noticed that...
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