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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Wonga's legacy of nearly 400,000 mis-sold loans

    Wonga's legacy of nearly 400,000 mis-sold loans

    Payday lender Wonga mis-sold loans to hundreds of thousands of people who will only receive a fraction of the compensation payments they are owed. Administrators for the lender, which collapsed in August 2018, have revealed that 389,621 eligible claims have been made since Wonga's demise. Ex-customers...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post mis-sold solar panels?

    mis-sold solar panels?

    Thousands of customers have been mis-sold loans that covered the cost of putting solar panels on their roofs.Homeowners signed up on the understanding that the panels would 'pay for themselves'.But borrowers later found that their loan repayments outstripped any savings made on their electricity bills....
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  • nanna58
    started a topic A1 scheme service s

    A1 scheme service s

    Has anyone heard of A1scheme services ?OH had a letter today about claiming they also say they are not CPP.May send form off although he has till March. Thanx
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  • daisy
    started a topic Barclays Additions Plus Account

    Barclays Additions Plus Account

    I have a Barclays Additions Plus Account and have used the services that the account offers.
    Nationwide is offering a better service with their Flex Account, which is also £6 a month cheaper, so I decided to cancel Barclays Additions and sign up for the Flex Account.
    However, when I called...
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  • Debenhams store card PPI. Help please!

    Can anyone give me step by step advice on how I go about claiming mis-sold ppi on my debenhams store card from about 2002?
    Complete novice at this and need start out help.
    many thanks
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  • trb
    started a topic No Luck with Littlewoods (Success at last!!)

    No Luck with Littlewoods (Success at last!!)

    I had no luck with Littlewoods, they did not uphold and the FOS won't help as it was before 2005.

    I was told it's the end of the road as a final decsision has been made, I got the SAR details and they said that I did have it but cancelled. I had a back complaint before the insurance was...
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  • chrissyw28
    started a topic PPI Claim - Old Barclaycard

    PPI Claim - Old Barclaycard

    I was wondering if anyone here has any advice.

    Here's what's happened so far -

    Barclaycard was opened Dec 1998.

    • I received a SAR, but with about the first 2 years missing (they say they don't have the missing ones) - PPI was showing on some statements until
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  • jj19
    started a topic Old PPI reclaim

    Old PPI reclaim

    Hi all
    Many years ago, well about 8 or 9 I had a halifax credit card that had ppi. I know I cancelled the ppj when the amounts got silly. I closed the card about 7 years ago after a small I heritance.

    Can i still reclaim that ppi and if so how do i go about it?

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  • Mackaavfc
    started a topic Lloyds TSB Claim

    Lloyds TSB Claim

    Good morning.

    I have a similar situation to the above. I have a loan with Lloyd's which they have acknowledged mis sold ppi on and sent a letter saying I will receive a cheque within 28 days for 2.2 k. I phoned them and asked them to do a BACS transfer into my Natwest account (I no longer...
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  • jill7286
    started a topic PPI on old RBS Loan???

    PPI on old RBS Loan???


    I've posted here a long time ago regarding an unenforcable loan that I had with RBS.

    I am wondering whether I can claim back ppi on this or not.

    Original loan taken out in 2002 for £4600 with £1163 insurance loaded on top.
    Full payments made...
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  • awp79
    started a topic Limited success with Barclays Bank (awp79)

    Limited success with Barclays Bank (awp79)

    Hi, another new thread from me!

    My wife has had some recent limited success with a PPI claim form that she completed for two old loans with a payout of over £800 that was recently credited to her account however upon further review it would appear as though Barclay's have Upheld one...
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  • mjr001
    started a topic RBS credit card reclaim help

    RBS credit card reclaim help

    i have had 2 RBS credit cards, both of which i have defaulted on last year, and are now on payment plans.

    Both had PPI on them and was advised by numerous people to reclaim the PPI on them to reduce the debt to RBS.

    I have previously put in for 6 PPI reclaims on loans for...
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  • ruth38
    started a topic Mis Sold Mortgage

    Mis Sold Mortgage

    What should I be looking for in a mis sold Mortgage.I've moved my mortgage from my bank to a self certified lender.My present lender/Broker sent out a direct mail shot to me stating that could be released on the property as i had a loan with them the previous year My Property was a right to buy.I took...
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  • Bugsy
    started a topic Public Liability Insurance Problem

    Public Liability Insurance Problem

    Hi, My Son in Law is a sole trader fitting in car equipment such as tracking systems. He holds public liability insurance which he thought would cover him in any event of a claim against him for damage to the cars that he works on. However recently he was working on a particular car with an electronic...
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  • Rachelmstvl
    started a topic Help with a reclaim

    Help with a reclaim

    Hi all, i have just joined this site after reading your thread. Im in the same boat and need some help/advice please.

    I purchased a fridge from currys but the finance was with santander. I wrote to santander asking for the loan agreement details and they replied saying: The account is...
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