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  • 5corpio
    started a topic Speeding fines charges starts April 24th

    Speeding fines charges starts April 24th

    Drivers caught speeding will face tougher penalties of up to 175pc of their weekly income under new rules introduced on Monday. Fines for serious offenders will start from 150pc of their weekly income rather than the current level of 100pc. The fines are split into bands from A to C. The penalty depends...
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic Vehicle Control Services - £60 Fine

    Vehicle Control Services - £60 Fine

    VCS have sent me a PCN for £60 for parking on a private car park over the allotted time. I did, I agree. I was having a pint and some lunch.

    This firm doesnt use BPA (POPLA) so the kangaroo court of IPC (IAS) is at play on this one....

    I really don't need this nonsense right...
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  • Peter42
    started a topic NatWest Gold Account missold

    NatWest Gold Account missold


    I'm hoping someone will be able to help I was sold gold advantage account in 2009 and advised that to have my overdraft from previous bank matched I needed to have gold account. Advised bank employee that I didn't have driving licence or car therefore breakdown cover was irrelevant...
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  • nick0
    started a topic DEED POLL changes.

    DEED POLL changes.

    Hi All,
    It seems that the days of doing a smart Deed Poll may be coming to an end,the UK government now
    says you can put your new name on public record by ‘enrolling’ it at the Royal Courts of Justice. This costs £36.

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  • IF
    started a topic Christmas Songs 2015/2016

    Christmas Songs 2015/2016

    Any one wishing to join in posting clips, please see below and do post your favourite Christmas Carol/Song [img][/img]

    All you need to do is go to YouTube, find the video you want to add to your message and get...
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  • Deepie
    started a topic Back to the Future........

    Back to the Future........

    It's almost Back to the Future Day - the date Marty and Doc crashed the future in the second of the three time-hopping sci-fi adventure films.

    The sequel was released in November 1989.

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  • Deepie
    started a topic Why Oh Why .......

    Why Oh Why .......

    So having a clear out why do we keep such crap ......?...
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  • Deepie
    started a topic I'm saying nothing........

    I'm saying nothing........

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  • Cost of driving licence to be cut by up to 32%

    Cost of driving licence to be cut by up to 32%

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 27th April 2015 15:48.

    *The cost of getting a driving licence is being cut following a recent public consultation, the government says. * The fee for drivers applying for...
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  • clueless24
    started a topic Direct Payment

    Direct Payment

    I have a question regarding Direct Payments does anyone have any knowledge on the subject because we are all really struggling trying to work out what information is correct?
    Long story short my Grandson (3 years old) has been assessed and qualifies for direct payment to pay for his care which...
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  • Bill-K
    started a topic Credit Cards when Disability Hits Us

    Credit Cards when Disability Hits Us

    Hi all. I'm just starting 2 threads in here, as it seems the right place - but please move elsewhere if needed. I'm now subsisting on Pension Credit, and caring for my wife who became disabled last year. She applied for P.I.P., but is still awaiting the result of this. However - I had 3 credit cards...
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  • nightwatch
    started a topic Idiot of a Brother

    Idiot of a Brother

    As most of you know my 93 year old mum is getting to be a bit of a hand full. Last weekend she was taken by my brother and his partner to the local hospital as her knee had swollen up(mums not his partners)
    I knew about her knee last week as she had been to the Drs who had given her some stronger...
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  • Claiming PIP & expecting ATOS will Force us to Appeal

    Hi guys - and please move this thread if it is in the wrong place - I have a habit of sitting in the wrong seat and pressing the wrong buttons !!! I've spent a few years in these forums dealing with bank charges & PPI etc., and I like to think I'm pretty clever with that stuff - but the damage...
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic New Driving Laws

    New Driving Laws
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  • pompeyfaith
    started a topic Learner Insurance

    Learner Insurance

    Well my eldest son has finally decided to take the step and learn to drive I have past on my old car a Citroen Picasso 1.8 SX which surprisingly is cheap to insure as a new driver maybe because it is considered a family car and not a boy racers car

    Anyway I did not want him added to my...
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