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  • Notice of issue of warrant of control

    Hi Guys, hope your all well, I've not been around for a while as all my debts have gone thanks to you guys, but my misses has a court letter as per heading, just after some advice really where to go from here and will they agree paying in instalment's, what we don't want is for them to take the car...
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  • RhodriMawr
    started a topic RhodriMawr's UE Journey

    RhodriMawr's UE Journey

    Barclaycard Visa
    Type of Account - Credit Card
    Date Commenced – Approx 1996
    Approx Balance - £7,514.06
    Date Last Paid - > 9 Years Ago
    Arrangement – The Debt Charity Formerly Known as CCCS

    Status – Last Payment February 2017
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  • Frosty873
    started a topic The start of a debt free life

    The start of a debt free life

    Hello all, just a little about me - my hubby and I have found ourselves in big debts altogether, and after browsing through this forum over the past few days (which has already turned out to be super helpful and supportive) we both made a decision yesterday to stop making payments in anticipation of...
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  • scrapping a car with £400 finance still to pay ?

    My son has a car that he didn't finish the finance on , its now completely broken and won't even start . Its out of MOT and he now has another car which he is using taxed and insured.
    He's moving and the landlord needs the parking space where the car is sworn off the road , can he scrap this...
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  • HerefordVet
    started a topic Hereford Vets UE Diary

    Hereford Vets UE Diary

    Well here goes firstly thanks for everyones initial advice its taken a huge weight already irrelevant of the outcome! Ive started my quest to get debt free with a lot of old credits cards!

    Quick outline run up lots of debts upto 2007 due to failing business, robbed peter to pay paul and...
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  • Susiebling365
    started a topic UE Diary of Susieblings Daughter

    UE Diary of Susieblings Daughter

    I think this diary method keeps everything neat and tidy, so I m doing it, Sorry for the posting elsewhere but took a while to decide course of action .

    Co operative Bank

    Type : Credit Card
    Date Started : 4th September 1997
    Approx Balance :£4564.07 as at Dec 2016
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  • TillyU
    started a topic Barclaycard/Link Financial

    Barclaycard/Link Financial

    In 2011, due to my personal circumstances at the time, I wrote to the original lender, Egg, offering £1 per month. Shortly afterwards, Egg was taken over by Barclaycard. I continued to pay the £1.00 per month and didn't hear anything until last year when BC informed me that the account has been...
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  • Arrangement to Pay and default notices

    Hi Niddy
    Basically I've got alot of unsecured debt that I'm now struggling to pay off. The majority of which has been used on house extension and improvement. Can't afford all my repayments each month now and have approached mortgage provider to remortgage to consolidate debt, no joy cos of my...
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  • jet set willy
    started a topic Claim Form recieved

    Claim Form recieved

    Evening everyone,

    Now its been a while since i posted on here due to the fact i have been happily keeping people at bay for a few years and took some advice from a friend to think about this stuff only when i had to for the benfit of my health.
    But, as always something pops up for...
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  • daisy
    started a topic CCJ from 2005

    CCJ from 2005

    I have an old CCJ from 2005 for a store card which I have been paying £10 a month for, however, I will quite soon be moving and will have no employment or assets for them to consider chasing.

    My question is, can I simply tell them to go forth? as I feel that I've more than repaid what...
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  • Scally18
    started a topic Help!


    I have the following debts which I have been paying for approx 5 years at least on informal arrangements of a couple of pounds a month with no hope of ever clearing them. They have all accepted my budget sheet and I don't get any hassle. However I have now inherited a small amount of money but not enough...
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  • nowpennywise
    started a topic nowpennywise


    I am going to attempt doing my diaries things started to change for us in 2009 when oldest daughter took ill O/H kept having to leave work to go and look after her she had her own home so was taking a lot of time off work to be with daughter at her home O/H was not getting any pay and money...
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  • dontknow
    started a topic dontknow's UE diary

    dontknow's UE diary

    Type of account - Credit card

    Date commenced - 2001

    Approx balance - £17,000

    Date last paid - May 2015

    Are you on arrangement or not paying- Not paying

    Status – Default

    Account owner – DCA

    Aug 2015 Received
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  • sebaab
    started a topic Ditching My Gregory Pennington DMP! What Does it Entail?

    Ditching My Gregory Pennington DMP! What Does it Entail?

    Hi, I want to get out of my DMP with Gregory Pennington. I have 21k outstanding debts with 8 creditors. GP are charging me £90 per month of my £550 payment as their management fee and I've decided I'm not happy paying this any more after 3.5 years of paying it!!!!! So, how easy (or difficult) is it...
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  • Pixie
    started a topic Dad's Barclaycard diary

    Dad's Barclaycard diary

    I'm starting this thread on behalf of my Dad who has finally listened to me about UE!

    • Type of account (credit card/loan) credit card
    • Date commenced (ideally before Apr 2007) Not sure
    • Approx balance £4500
    • Date last paid (approximate date you last made a FULL payment)
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