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  • nick0
    started a topic Landlord with a Section 21.

    Landlord with a Section 21.

    Hi All,
    I have been renting a property for 2.5 years and never missed any payments never had any major
    work done and in fact been a great tenant(says me).

    Yesterday I get a solicitors letter saying the owners of my property are using a section 21 form (was enclosed)...
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  • smub
    started a topic Too late to stop British gas late payment marker?

    Too late to stop British gas late payment marker?

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  • halfcj
    started a topic Kensington Mortgage Co

    Kensington Mortgage Co

    Does anyone know if there's a Class Action anywhere on Kensington Mortgage Co, or their owners.

    2010, we were treated horrendously, after taking out a mortgage top-up of £35,000 (pre crash), KMC placed the money not into our personal account, but into the bank account of the company I...
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    Last edited by halfcj; 6th April 2016, 02:34.

  • High Court Enforcement Group acquires Sheriffs Office

    High Court Enforcement Group acquires Sheriffs Office

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 1st February 2016 18:35
    High Court Enforcement Group (HCE Group), the largest privately-owned high court enforcement company in England and Wales, has acquired The Sheriffs Office.
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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Idem servicing

    Idem servicing

    Hi all, hope things are ok with you...
    I have a debt that was originally with Mint, it went to court, i was very inexperienced back then and ended up with a CCJ and charging order on my house.
    It was set at the hearing that i should pay £150 per month on the debt, which then stood at £18000,...
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  • TibetanMonk
    started a topic Neighbour Smokes Weed Outside

    Neighbour Smokes Weed Outside

    Hey guys,

    I feel really bad about having a problem with this and I don't know why? Everyone has a right to do what they want, however, as a non smoking family we've moved into our new house not knowing that our next door neighbour smokes weed multiple times a day, outside. Now normally...
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  • Enforcement agents offered new option to arrange insurance bond

    Enforcement agents offered new option to arrange insurance bond

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 9th September 2015 20:38.

    *Certificated enforcement agents (previously known as bailiffs) are to be offered the opportunity to arrange their compulsory liability insurance......
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  • johno23
    started a topic Default Date

    Default Date

    Hi All

    I need some advice regarding a Default Date.

    A Default date is on my credit file dated 26th November 2009.

    The account was with Barclaycard and the default notice sent by Mercers Debt Colkection Agency who are agents for Barclaycard.

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    Another area to be on the look out, comparing flights:-

    Been quoted by a couple agencies: - say £331.00, then other so called agencies for same flight/.airline £396.00+ and some well over. Competition non existent in this area by the looks of it - not only that a lot of sites quote...
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  • New to Renting - What do I need to remember and ask?

    hey guys!

    So my fiancé and I are finally leaving the nest and moving into our our house, however, we've never rented before so want to make sure I do it properly and ask you guys what I should make sure is there, and what I should ask.


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  • Experian Credit Score, ZERO? HOW?!

    Hi guys,

    My fiance and I are moving out and I've just checked my credit report and it's score is now 0, it was like 156 before, but I have positives on my credit report, not just negatives. Yes more negatives than positives but still, surely it should be more than 0?!

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  • numerous problems with landlord, Next stage??

    Can some one help, this is quite complicated. We moved into a rented house as we are trying to build our own place.

    We paid a deposit of £1162 when we moved in, £150 was for having dogs, we had a signed form from the agents allowing us to have dogs. 7 months down the line the landlord...
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    Last edited by PlanB; 27th July 2015, 18:11. Reason: inserted paragraph breaks to help identify the legal issues

  • patchouli
    started a topic Patch is moving house!

    Patch is moving house!

    Our Landlords have been crap at paying their mortgage over the 6 years we have lived here. They have also (as I have mentioned on here before) run up debts for other things.

    Phonecall a week ago from the Agency saying the landlords want a valuation with view to sell. I doubt very much they...
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  • The Tech Clerk


    We are looking for 2 bedroom house/etc in our area for our daughter/partner/children, they hope to move very soon up here, see agents keep mentioning fees to set up lets, some extortionate. i.e. £30.00 to search CRA file etc

    any tips for renting and what to look out for??? i.e pitfalls...
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  • Bankrupt and awaiting the official receiver telephone interview. Anyone give advice?

    Went bankrupt, had a brief conversation with the OR and telephone interview next wednesday!

    I think i will get an ipo because of our earnings, how do they take the money? My wages vary from month to month and also have expenses but only for the fuel i use at work. Do they take everything...
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