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    Many people get cold called then suckered into signing contracts with a CMC's to reclaim in the main PPI.

    These CMC's will lie to you, tell you that as they did in my case that I had £3k to come back from a mortgage with the Bank of Scotland. They also told me during that call the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) told them to call me. Well lol firstly it was a joint account and at no time did they mention my hubby. The charges on that account were minimal under £200. So where do they pluck out figures from mid-air. It turned out in the end that my data was stolen a by an employee along will millions of others as I never ever tick the box that I want marketing material , also we never tick any boxes that we want PPI as being self employed we both knew that we would not succeed in any claim as they are only for employed[people. When I started asking people when they posted if they had ever gone to many of them had contacted them and confirmed that they had their data stolen. Now this cannot be proved and even with reporting this to the Ministry of Justice no action was ever taken against this particular CMC from Swansea (who we have knick named the Swansea mafia) , who continued to rise up and over the last 4 years have scammed people out of many thousands of pounds with big fat promises of rich rewards.

    This got me intrigued to say the least and ever since some 4 years ago I set out to help people that had been scammed by a certain CMC others also came on the scene, it seemed that they were targeting the elderly and people who were not computer savvy....they were taking down their credit cards numbers and taking out sums of money - these poor people had no idea what they were paying for. Consequently, we did get them closed down but not before they had screwed the public with many thousands of pounds and put the company into liquidation so they did not pay anyone back.

    Thankfully, the MOJ have listened and yes NO MORE UPFRONT FEES. well lets hope that they keep it this way. This was after quite a few visits with the MOJ both in London and Burton upon Trent.

    Unfortunately, the CMC's IMHO are still cold calling, the MOJ say it is not - who can prove if you ever ticked for marketing material to be sent to you. If you are cold called.... DO NOT give any personal information on the phone, never give them your credit/debit card number no matter how good it seems. Always try and check them out before signing any contracts. In most cases you can claim PPI yourself with sites like this you can get all the help that is needed and there is absolutely no needs to lose 30/35% of your money as well the calculations can be checked with the excellent team on this site who have vast experience in dealing with PPI refunds with the correct interest.

    The MOJ informed us last year that LeO (Legal Ombudsman) would be taking up claims from people who had complaints against the CMC............... so far this scheme has not come about and therefore it is the people that have been scammed do not have redress.

    I had also pushed to the MOJ for each CMC to be indemnity insured as they were at that time taking upfront fees that were returnable - sadly the MOJ whilst took my comments on board never pushed through with this idea.

    If anyone has ever paid a CMC and not received a service and has paid an upfront fee then your credit/debit card your refund you under S.75. Of course they can refuse if it is very old.... but you have to be persistent as you have not received a service.

    Just let me know if you are a victim of cold calls and scams from a CMC.
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