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    Hi all,

    A lot of gig venues, and all major festivals, offer free tickets to a carer when accompanying a disabled person. I don't know about other places (theme parks etc) but maybe it would be a good idea to list the different ones and what proof is needed? (If not just delete/ignore) I'll start it off:

    Gig venues:

    02 venues (usually called 'academy', ie Brixton Academy, but in Manchester it's the Apollo) offer one free carer ticket, no proof needed. But it's usually in the seated area upstairs.


    DOWNLOAD: Offer up to two free carer tickets, doctors letter needed to specify why you need help, and why it has to be two carers (from experience, if you need 24 hour help it would be too much for one person, so you need two). Disabled campsite is fantastic, close to the arena. They have electric point for wheelchairs, and fridge for meds. Viewing platforms a generous size and well run with accessible toilets at all. Tickets bought direct from organisers.

    LEEDS: One free carer ticket upon receipt of DLA letter. Disabled and VIP areas are the same, which means celebrity spotting, nice toilets, quieter bar, and seating area. Disabled platforms small and poorly organised - one nearly collapsed last year due to non-disabled people jumping on it for a better view. Toilets at all platforms. They change the rules on parking every year, last year the 'disabled' car park was with the locals car park - two fields away from campsite, four away from arena. Electric point for wheelchairs in campsite. Buy ticket from usual seller, then get carer ticket from box office on day.

    SONISPHERE: One free carer ticket upon receipt of DLA letter/Blue badge copy. Brilliant viewing platforms for main stage, for smaller stages far too small, or nonexistant. Should have toilets at all platforms, but one for tent stage 'hadn't been delivered'. Difficult to access tent stage platform as in middle of tent, so have to beat the crush to get in there, then push through crowd to get to ramp. Campsite close to arena and facilities. Electric point for wheelchair charging. Well organised campsite with marked pitches, instead of free for all camp where you can. Ticket bought from special link once proof received by organisers.

    CINEMAS: CEA card for minimal admin cost means you get to have a carer for free at most national chain cinemas and many independent ones. Just show card when you buy a ticket and squeeze your signature into a tiny box, and the name of the film into an even smaller box.

    They're the ones I've got experience of, I've heard Glastonbury is second to none though.

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    Re: Free carers

    Thanks for this Ames...very useful!

    (i've used the CEA card now for a good few years..well worth the £5 or so charge!)


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      Re: Free carers

      Brilliant info Ames! Thankyou. x