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  • YODEL - or NO Del!

    I'm in the middle of a dispute with Yodel, who failed to deliver a birthday package and card I sent to my four year old grandson.

    I ordered this via Moonpig last Friday, 5 days before his birthday, to be sure it arrived.
    On Tuesday Moonpig notified me that delivery failed on Monday because no one was in.
    On checking Yodel tracking, it said a card had been left on Monday and the parcel delivered and signed for on Tuesday.

    On ringing my daughter she said nothing had arrived and no card had been left on Monday. There had been someone in the whole time.

    I initially rang Yodel who said they would "look into it". That was before I realised their 0845 customer service phone line charged 5p per minute.

    I then spoke to someone via online chat. They said that no one had been in both times so they left it with a neighbour, who had signed it Alan xxxx.
    They suggested my daughter check with all the neighbours, which they did, (it's a small cul de sac) and no one had it or knew anyone called Alan xxxx.

    I got back to online chat yesterday morning, and told them this, stating that the driver had obviously tried to deliver to the WRONG address twice, and had then left it with some random neighbour of the WRONG address.
    I asked if he'd noted the address where he'd left it. Computer said no. They said they were still "investigating" and would email me. That was yesterday morning and I'm still waiting.

    Now, this wasn't a very expensive item, but it was very important to me and a little boy who was waiting for it on his birthday yesterday.
    I'm absolutely disgusted at the dilatory driver, the fact that they can just hand over parcels to anyone without recording the address and the tepid call centre response.
    I'm also ticked off that whoever DID get the parcel didn't go to the trouble to bring it round to the right address, knowing it was a child's birthday present.

    So today I've emailed Moonpig with my complaint and demanded to know what they're going to do about it.
    I'll update if I ever hear from them.

    One thing's for sure, I will never buy anything online again from any company that uses YODEL.

    No wonder they don't have a Facebook page!
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    Re: YODEL - or NO Del!

    Yodel has the poorest customer satisfaction rating of any courier in the UK - by a long, long margin. Why anyone uses them, I've no idea.

    The industry as a whole has a terrible reputation, and these are the worst of the worst. There really is a massive opportunity in Great Britain for any business which can start a courier service and actually mean it.



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      Re: YODEL - or NO Del!

      Trouble with Yodel is they do not use trained drivers indeed most are contractors and use estate cars. This gets around them avoiding employee rights etc


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        Re: YODEL - or NO Del!

        YODEL are the bain of my life, we have a courier/freight forwarding company/franchise and are re-sellers for DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and UK Mail because we spend as a group around £10 million a year with each we get really favourable rates, but Yodel go in, undercut you and then we get the calls from ex customers asking us to sort them out which we can't of course.

        Oh and Hermes come a close second to Yodel for their shite service.


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          Re: YODEL - or NO Del!

          Yodel drivers can never find your address!
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            Re: YODEL - or NO Del!

            Slight development. A Yodel driver turned up at their door and said he definitely didn't deliver it there, he'd try and remember where he did deliver it and go there. Took son in laws number to let him know.


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              Re: YODEL - or NO Del!

              Once worked on a project with large children's toy company. They did not have a map in the dispatch office and would send vans N, S,E,W and back N,like Wacky Races, as they had no understanding of geography.

              I expect the self-employed drivers from Yodel also have difficulty reading in English, from those I have met.

              Royal Mail staff at least know logistics.