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  • InvisibleMan
    started a topic hello!


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I joined the forum last June, but the illness and then bereavement of a very close family member took me offline for some time. I've been dipping in and out of the site more recently and have to say I find the approach and advice bang on the money, this is the site I...
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  • Jacspacs
    started a topic Failed IVA

    Failed IVA

    Hi my Iva failed in 2012 and is still showing on my credit reference file - can anyone advise when this will drop off my file as it is showing as 110 months old?
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  • arklst1976
    started a topic Barclaycard from 2000

    Barclaycard from 2000

    Have an old B'card debt that was sold to Hoist, after MKDP bought it.
    MKDP were really heavy but managed to bat them off.
    Niddy, I'll send docs to see what you think
    Cheers again for the help
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  • xcharlx
    started a topic CCJ from orange

    CCJ from orange

    I had a contract with orange which I gave them the 30 days notice for and left. This was nearly three years ago I have now just received a ccj for £152.60 with a total amount of £236.97.Not sure where I stand with them
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  • pipsaholic
    started a topic Moorcroft Letter?

    Moorcroft Letter?


    I sent letters to Tesco Bank asking for debt validation, deed of assignment, proof of contract they have eventually after 4 months passed onto Moorcroft sent them letter 1 got this response?

    Questions I have is

    We received the instructions in good faith from...
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  • Mortimer Clarke & Northern Rock - Charging Order

    Hello All,
    it's been a while since I used this site but I have a little issues I need you help with. Back in 2005 I took out an unsecured personal loan with Norther Rock, in 2006 I got in diffulties with the payments and NR took me to court and got a ccj.
    Wallers Solicitors in Newcastle...
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  • Lowell Portfolio I LTD ( Lowell Solicitors Limitedq ) v JudgeDreddy - Issued 21 July 2016

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    Lowell Portfolio I LTD

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Lowell Solicitors Limitedq

    Claim Issue Date

    21 July 2016

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e.
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  • nanna58
    started a topic Gob smacked

    Gob smacked

    OK hubby being a builder did a garden wall for someone last year, at the end if the job the customer asked would he replace some slabs out the back ,he took up the old ones and put down the new ones .He did it cheaply as a favour because they couldn't afford much.A almost a year on and they rang again...
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  • Maria Sharapova banned for two years for failed drugs test

    Maria Sharapova has been banned for two years by the International Tennis Federation for using a prohibited drug.

    The Russian was provisionally banned in March after testing positive for meldonium at January's Australian Open.

    More --->
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  • FCA fines CT Capital Ltd for failures related to PPI complaint handling

    FCA fines CT Capital Ltd for failures related to PPI complaint handling

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 5th June 2016 07:02
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today fined CT Capital Ltd (CT Capital) £2,360,900 for serious failings in its historic Payment Protection
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  • Curlew430
    started a topic Mkdp vs curlew430

    Mkdp vs curlew430

    Mkdp took me to court over a 6 year old barclay card debt . It has been through at least 7 dca companies and finally it went to court on a date I was not aware of . The judge ordered it to be struck out , when I found out I rang the court and was told not to worry its finished the end . I have since...
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  • IVA failed but creditors gone from credit file

    Hi all,

    Im after some advice please. I had an iva back in 2007/2008. It failed and I have heard nothing from any of the creditors. My credit report has wiped all those creditors off as over 6 years ago but my IVA still remains on there. It says I owe £0. I called the Insolvency service...
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  • Staff morale sinks at the Financial Conduct Authority

    Staff morale sinks at the Financial Conduct Authority

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 23rd March 2016 07:32
    after failed probe into banking culture and sacking of ceo Martin Wheatley

    Staff morale at the City watchdog has slumped after it was criticised
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Advice required

    Advice required

    I am currently on a DMP and have had £6749.47 refunded in interest from Tesco Bank as during my DMP they failed to supply me with a notice of sum in arrears in accordance with the CCA.This got me thinking about other debts on my plan which are mainly credit card debt with the odd pay day loan and energy...
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  • Supergrover
    started a topic Failed IVA

    Failed IVA

    I am looking for some advice as I have some old debt from a failed IVA, the last payment I made to the IVA was Feb/Mar 2009, I am just starting to get letters from recovery companies offering "huge discounts". I never heard from the IVA company after my last payment despite asking them for...
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