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Staying under the radar or not

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  • Staying under the radar or not

    Hi All,

    I want to share my experience, I know the general advice here is to stay low, and don't alert anyone you are still alive but I had to. I did this for at least two years but then I moved address, I only have Coop basic account, and my mobile phone, and the debtors found me in my new address but in September last year I had to open a business bank account with Natwest, Although i had defaulted with them on credit card they opened the account but no overdraft facility, and they gave me a hassle because they couldn't link me to my address. So I joined equifax, and I checked the account, and found that all my debts listed on the old address even those who contacted me, and I have replied back. I kept watch on credit file because foolishly I thought I might be able to get a mortgage before the file is clear. Now , I will not rush it but still want to check file, the two court claims were sent to the wrong address, even though I have contacted one with CCA request with my current one but they sent it to a different flat number in my building! so I want to make sure the correct address is listed as my address, as I don't want any new claim that I can't see and I will try to fight them off, and the plan is if I think I can't win it, sort out a payment plan maybe?

    Also when I told Jo, that it is sent at the old address, she said they should have checked your credit file, and send it to the correct address but my current address is the old address.

    Oh also, natwest business account not showing on noddle or equifax, maybe it is a good thing, they might think I have a lot of money otherwise!