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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Overdraft woes

    Overdraft woes

    ...............dipped into an overdraft to pay for an emergency but, like millions of people in the UK, found it tough to climb back out. daily overdraft charges meant families had nothing to spend after rent and grocery bills and were "one bill from financial disaster". Newly-announced plans...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Banks should end unplanned overdraft charges, charity says

    Banks should end unplanned overdraft charges, charity says

    Banks should end all unauthorised overdraft charges because they are trapping people in persistent debt, the financial charity StepChange has said. The organisation also wants banks and regulators to do more to identify people caught up in a "vicious cycle of borrowing".Even where customers...
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  • alfie
    started a topic Alfies Diary

    Alfies Diary

    Starting this slightly unusual one as it relates to a current account overdraft and a request for its credit agreement given the newer rules on overdrafts.
    The newish rules say that a credit agreement is required for overdrafts after 2011.
    In this case however the 'draft was...
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  • julian
    started a topic Checkng for 'previous debtor'markers

    Checkng for 'previous debtor'markers

    Has anybody ever requested a SAR from a creditor where the debt is SB and Default annulled?

    Most financial systems delete records after 7 years of the last activity. The cost of maintaining, archiving records, and recalling archived records is high. So will past creditors keep and check...
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  • OC has combined amounts from current account and credit card

    One of my debts (no. 21 in my UE diary) is the combination of the overdraft from a First Direct current account and a First Direct credit card. I sent a very inaccurate CCA request to Metropolitan Collection Services last December (before I found AAD!) and in their reply, HSBC chose to concentrate only...
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  • arklst1976
    started a topic Barclaycard from 2000

    Barclaycard from 2000

    Have an old B'card debt that was sold to Hoist, after MKDP bought it.
    MKDP were really heavy but managed to bat them off.
    Niddy, I'll send docs to see what you think
    Cheers again for the help
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  • Dyomun
    started a topic Moneyway keep taking payments!

    Moneyway keep taking payments!

    So I made the last payment on my car loan on the 3rd of January. Normally the payment comes out on the first, but it was new year, so the direct debit came off late.
    That's me officially debt free now (once I stop dipping back into my overdraft each month).

    Today (31st of January,...
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  • SXGuy
    started a topic Natwest paid out over 1k unarranged overdraft

    Natwest paid out over 1k unarranged overdraft

    Guys quick question. Natwest have kindly allowed over 1k payment to pay their business credit card from my mother's account when the balance was zero resulting in unarranged overdraft fees something silly like £6 per day. Can they do this?
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  • Octagon
    started a topic Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Hi all, looking for some info and advice here. I live in Scotland. In 2008 I was granted finance for a car that was beyond my means. However I was 18, naive and keen to get on the road with my own set of wheels so went ahead. In 2010 I hit a rocky road, issues with work and personal life. It lead me...
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  • sebaab
    started a topic sebaab's diary

    sebaab's diary

    Short history. Mid 2005 to 2008 overspent on credit cards trying to support family on lowish wages. Wife not working due to disabled son. 2008 wife suffers sudden illness so I have to take 10 months off work on half pay to look after 3 kids. Can't afford credit card repayments so slip into overdraft...
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  • LeeC
    started a topic Offer to Lloyds

    Offer to Lloyds


    i owe Lloyds 1,573 on a loan i had with them

    can anyone suggest an amount as a first offer, i dont want to go too high obviously but then i dont want to offer something so low it looks ridiculous, any help appreciated

    i dont have any money saved yet im just...
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  • hayleebec
    started a topic Joint debt Iva

    Joint debt Iva

    I have just settled an Iva one of the debts was Halifax overdraft, this was a joint account with my husband who was not in the Iva
    He has been paying Moorcroft £20 per month we are both being asked to pay the same overall balance
    Now that I have settled the Iva surely the debt should be...
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  • nick0
    started a topic Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    I did a pre application for a Natwest loan (my son for a car,see my other threads) and it came up with APR 20.9%
    so I left it at that and said we can look at it in November.

    Now when I Log on to My banking it says you eligible for a loan with a 9/10 chance when I click on more info....
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  • sara2
    started a topic Staying under the radar or not

    Staying under the radar or not

    Hi All,

    I want to share my experience, I know the general advice here is to stay low, and don't alert anyone you are still alive but I had to. I did this for at least two years but then I moved address, I only have Coop basic account, and my mobile phone, and the debtors found me in my...
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  • Business account being classed as overdraft not covered by EU Directive

    Hi all, I'm new please bear with me..

    ive been looking at the threads regarding the CCA and the new EU directive, I've seen Diddys very good rebuttal in the sections concerning overdrafts, my question is this, is the HSBC commercial card an overdraft? because 1st credit says it is, and...
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